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Male or Female Tutor?

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Male or Female Tutor?

Think of a Female teacher. What do you visualise? Is she a kind, friendly, endearing and patient, young female tutor that cares for your Child’s education?

Now think of a Male teacher. Is he a strict, rough, fierce, straightforward teacher that does not care about your Child’s wellbeing?  Is he also impatient, getting frustrated when you do not understand how to get the right answer?

These are the gender stereotypes that many Parents still have about teachers/tutors – preconceived notions based on past experiences, hence many Parents only want a female Tutor for their boy/girl.

Gender Stereotypes

We all have to agree that not all males tutors are as described above – not even 1 in 10 male tutors is as portrayed as above. Most of our gender stereotypes stem from Western movies or TV shows that over sensationalise certain male traits and mannerisms, or exacerbate our own bad experiences and associate it with their gender; bad experiences when we are young (in School) stay with us for the rest of our lives, even when we become Parents. (See: market tuition rates, 2019)

In the past during our Parent’s generation, life was much tougher, with vivid memories of teachers punishing and caning students for not keeping quiet in class and the likes. Being a conservative Asian country/household did not help either, with males considered as the strict, authoritative, unapproachable Parent.

All these led to the idea of Males being great Educators an almost unimaginable occurrence. (See: 4 Types of Home Tutors We should Avoid at all cost)

Authoritative vs Endearing

Both Male and Female Tutors fall outside of generally agreed upon stereotypes, with some female tutors being cold and uncaring, while other male tutors are kind and tender loving. (See: 12 Lessons from an A Levels Top Scorer)

At the end of the day, the Tutor’s gender does not matter. Whether it be authoritative or endearing, as long as there is a stark improvement in grades and the tutor has compatible/suitable teaching/tutoring style during Home Tuition to realise the student’s full potential, does the gender of the Tutor really matter? (See: How to find the Perfect Tutor)

Sexual Predators

The Dangers of Home Tuition – dubbed “Every Parent’s Nightmare” or in other words Sexual Predators, is a real concern in Singapore. With recent cases surfacing such as the “Physics School teacher having an indecent relationship with 15 year old Student“, engaging Male Home Tutors is a real concern among Parents in Singapore when engaging a Tutor for their Child.

This is also a reason why many Parents opt for female Tutors instead. However, what Parents fail to realise is that both males and females can be sexual predators as well. What are the chances that your Tutor is a sexual predator?

In addition, most if not all male “sexual predators” are older – in their 40-50s. Young, highly qualified Tutors, male and female, have a whole life ahead of them. What are the chances that these Tutors, with so many things yet to achieve, ruining their entire lives in a moment of folly? (See: No.1 Thing to Avoid when hiring Tutors from Tuition Agencies

Gender is the Least of your Concerns.

As long as Grades improve and your Child is learning new things every lesson, gender should not be a concern of yours. Furthermore, you are eliminating half of the Tutors that are willing to take up the assignment, restricting many of the highly qualified and experienced male Tutors out of the equation from your List of Tutor Profiles, such as:

“(name removed for Privacy purposes): 21 year old male NUS Y1 Undergraduate
– Qualifications: Awarded the NUS Merit Scholarship. Graduated from Victoria Junior College, attained A in H2 Biology, H2 Chemistry, H2 Economics and H2 Mathematics, consistently among top 15% in the cohort for all subjects.
Graduated from Anglican High School, attained A1 in all 8 subjects – English, Elementary Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Chinese and Combined Humanities (Hist/SS)
– Experience: I previously tutored two primary school boys English and Mathematics for three months each. His foundation in English vocabulary and grammar improved significantly. My teaching style is to help them speak better in everyday speech and other contexts relevant to their lives such that it will be utilised into writing.
I also taught H2 Chemistry to a J2 boy and H2 Biology to a J2 girl, both with A Levels approaching fast. My job was to strengthen their foundation in the sciences and to expand their breadth of knowledge with what examinations can throw at candidates. I also helped to answer and explain questions from other school preliminary examination papers.”
(Tutor Profile of one of our male Tutors @cocotutors)

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