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Tuition Programme

For Organisations

Any profit/non-profit, governmental or non-governmental organisation;

Churches, Care Centres or Community Centres interested in setting up a tuition program to provide academic help for youths.

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About the Programme

Setting up of a regular tuition class – fixed weekly schedule, group tuition

Focus is on providing academic help for Pri 1 – JC 2 subjects; content mastery & practice

Based off curriculum aimed at improving student’s grades

Costs & Fees

Setup cost: Free

The only cost incurred by the organiser throughout the programme is the hourly tuition fee payable to the tutor

About Us

CocoTutors is the #1 Trusted Home Tuition Agency in Singapore, providing tuition-matching services.

We have over 4,000 active tutors, ranging from Undergraduates to MOE School teachers – well qualified and experienced; all handpicked and filtered through a strict criteria.

Tutors are based all over Singapore, and all Levels & Subjects – Primary, Secondary, JC, even Adult level.

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Previous Partners

Yong En Care Centre:

Set up a tuition programme (group class) at Fairfield Methodist Church, as part of their Sunday School programme
Tutors: Dion Sng (P5-6 English), Celine Koh (Sec 3 English), Hui Xin (Sec 3 Math)

 – Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP):

Set up a tuition programme for youths coming from underprivileged families
Tutors: Geoffrey (P2 English, Math), Xin Hwa (P4 English, Math, Science), Arvin (Sec 1 Math)


    – Call +65 9177 9055 if you are facing any difficulties

    Tuition Program Setup - Tuition Programme, home tuition singapore, tuition agency, singapore tuition, private tutor
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