Dangers of Home Tuition

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Physics Teacher had indecent relationship with Student, 15, sentenced to Jail” 

Young kids are impressionable, often learning and picking up things from people that they are frequently in contact with. 

What would be the psychological and emotional effects sustained on the young, 15 year old female student, from the article above?

Her development and growth as an individual will no doubt be affected as a result of this ordeal, at such a young age, with effects such as:

– Trust Issues
– Low Self Esteem
– Building up walls
– Difficulty in forming normal/deep relationship with peers

Who is to Blame?

But who is to blame at the end of the day for letting it go to that extent? 

Is it the School or his colleagues’ fault to blame for failing to detect his tendencies, or to do a proper in-depth background check? 

Or is it the Parent’s fault for not taking care of their daughter – of her daily whereabouts and doings, which may have prevented things to go to this extent?

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What could have they even have done in the first place? If the predator knows, thought out and well planned, no one could have spotted or identified the signs anyway.

Even if he displayed some signs, his actions would have been mistaken as being a caring teacher going out of his way to help a struggling student. Ever since his career is ultimately an MOE School teacher. (See: Part-time Tutor, Full-time Tutor or MOE teacher)

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Ways it could have been Prevented

There could have been many signs that could have been identified/spotted, many things that could have been done to prevent things to go down to the extent it did. Things such as;

– Friends/colleagues identifying signs and spotting abnormal behaviour
– Proper sex education at a young age to teach what is right or wrong
– What is normal and what is not

Young children/teenagers would hence know when to voice out when something is not right.

Even when fear is instilled from the predator, voicing out to the relevant authorities will almost always resolve everything. Hence it is important for Education and teaching children/teens how to voice out in the face of negativity/in difficult situations.

It can happen during Home Tuition as well!

The same thing can happen when engaging Home Tutors from Tuition Agencies. (See: 4 Types of Home Tutors to Avoid)

Home tutors may engage in inappropriate acts/harassment/sexual abuse when Parents are not around, since Parents most of the time will be working during tuition.

Some ways to avoid it would be:

1. Only have tuition when there are family members around
2. Identify any sign of the Tutor exhibiting weird/predatory behaviours
3. Interviewing the Tutor after lessons

Responsibility of Home Tuition Agency

Partial responsibility also lies on the tuition agency to ensure that no suspicious behaviour/characters, or tutors with bad track records.

Although it cannot be totally prevented, tuition agencies are the first line of defence to prevent the predators from joining. (See: How to Choose from a List of Tutor Profiles

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