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Students doing Homework after Home Tuition

You can earn commission when you recommend Parents/Students to us. If the Parent you refer engages our Tutors, you will receive 20% of the Commission we collect as Referral Fees.*

Simply fill up the form below and we will do all the rest of the work to contact the parents. Upon successful arrangement, we will transfer the referral fees to your bank account. It is so simple and easy!

What are the benefits?

Referral Program is FREE!

This Referral scheme is open to anyone, Tutors, Tuition Agencies/Centres, basically anyone who is interested.

Attractive Commission

Enjoy our attractive Referral Fees: 20% of our Commission amount!

Hassle Free

We will take care of all the paperwork and coordination. Sit back and collect your Commission!


    Terms and Conditions:

    1. Commission will only be credited to referrers upon successful completion of one month of tuition, after receiving payment from the Parent;
    2. Both referrer and referred must follow our Commission Policy and Terms and Conditions;
    3. CocoTutors reserves all right to terminate the benefits of the Referral Program, without prior warning and notice, at any point in time, should any suspected abuse be taking place

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