No. #1 Thing to Avoid When Hiring Tutors

No. #1 thing to avoid when Hiring Tutors from Tuition Agencies home tuition agency singapore private tutor maths chemistry science tuition

Type in “home tuition” in Google Search. What do you see? 

Dozens and dozens of Tuition Agencies advertising their services and claiming to have the “BEST Tutors“, “Proven Results“, “Best Rates“; You don’t even know which Tuition Agency to pick.

Trust me, we have all been there before as Parents.

With so many choices for Tuition Agencies/Centres, we have compiled a List of Things to Avoid when Hiring Tutors:

1. Check for Bad Reputation/Reviews
2. Frequently Rescheduling Lessons

1. Check for Bad Reputation/Reviews

Of course as a start, we all should look at the Tuition Agency’s reputation first, before choosing to engage a tutor.

Surely we all do not want to end up in contact with agencies like this “Little recourse for unpaid freelance Tutors“.

Having these kinds of avoidable issues, totally unrelated can cause great distress to the tutors. 

Bad Reputation Tuition - No 1 Thing to Avoid When Hiring Tutors, home tuition singapore, tuition agency, private tutor

When they are not paid for the work they have done, this would translate to problems during tuition – all caused by the Agency.

If the tuition agency has a bad reputation, don’t engage services from that agency. Look for another one instead.

How do we check for Bad Reputation and Reviews?

1. Check Parent Forums, such as SingaporeMotherHood, MummySG for reviews

2. Our Tutor Blacklist contains a List of Tutors, Parents/students that have previously engaged and abused our Services. These are real life cases of past incidents, you can filter through the List provided there.

Search the respective tuition agency on Google search, such as “cocotutors review”. Should you find any negative press or article regarding the tuition agency, stay far away from it.

2. Frequently Rescheduling Lessons

When tutors frequently rescheduling and cancelling lessons, you will have to seriously question their commitment. 

Do they truly care for the welfare of your Child? What if it still happens during Exam Periods?

During important exam periods when you want to increase tuition frequency (number of lessons/hours), can you trust them to commit for the extra lessons?

Stressed Student Singapore - No 1 Thing to Avoid When Hiring Tutors, home tuition singapore, tuition agency, private tutor

Imagine a scenario where it is 1 week until the end-of-year exams:

Your child requires 1-2 more lessons to clear all his questions before the exams. However, the tutor calls to inform that she is unable to make it for the entire week. What can you do at this point?

If you identify early on that your tutor lacks commitment to your child, it is time for a switch in tutors. 

Sometimes, it could also be due to the type of Tutors you engage. For example, MOE School teachers have both school and extra-curricular commitments.

Avoid Hiring Tutors from the Above

These tutors, however well they can teach, will cause most harm to your child. 

Times when you require the home tutor to be there to clarify doubts. Times when your Child needs the Tutor for the last push.

If the tutor reschedules again, your child will be left alone with no help for the exams. 

Exam Stress Singapore - No 1 Thing to Avoid When Hiring Tutors, home tuition singapore, tuition agency, private tutor

Contact your agency and change your Home Tutor immediately. If not, cancel tuition with the current tutor, and get a new one.

CocoTutors is a Tuition Agency that allows a change in Tutors at no cost, should the Tutor be unsuitable. They will provide you with a List of Tutor Profiles to replace the current tutor, so the Best, most suitable tutor can be found. (See: How to Request for Tutors)

How can I find the Best Tutor?

Ultimately, it is up to each Student’s needs and learning style. 

There is no one fixed solution for everyone, so it is best to try out all the different options and see which one is the most effective.

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