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Frequently asked questions

  • How can I request for a Tutor?

    Simply fill in our online application form. It only takes 3 minutes and is a FREE service for Parents/Students! Alternatively, you can contact us at +65 9177 9055, or email us at [email protected]

    Once you submit the online Tutor Request form, we will proceed with a Search for Tutors and update you with a List of Tutor Profiles to choose from, within 12h.

    Here is an in-depth Guide on How to Request for Tutors from CocoTutors.

  • Why do you require my Contact & Email?

    When filling up our Tutor Request form, you will see that we request for your Contact Details as well as E-mail before we can submit your Request.

    Why do we require this information? It's simple:

    Contact number - we send over a List of Tutor Profiles for you to choose from via Whatsapp
    E-mail - request confirmation e-mail as well as edit any information that is wrong, i.e contact number, tuition details.

    If you have any questions or if you feel uncomfortable providing the above information before anything is confirmed, you can also contact us directly at +65 9177 9055.

  • What do I do after sending in a Request?

    Your assigned coordinator will contact you shortly, as fast as 10 seconds after submitting your request, up to 2 hours. Our coordinators are really quick!

    Once we have obtained the necessary details, we will be able to blast the assignment out to our tutors.

    You will usually receive a List of Tutor Profiles within 2 hours, or even longer if you have more specific request: e.g female Chinese MOE School teacher.

  • Do I need to pay any Agent Fee?

    Our service is 100% free for Parents/students. The agent fee is paid by the tutor.

    However, please take note that for the first month, you are required to retain 50% of the tuition fees (first 2 weeks) for the agreed tuition frequency, and pay it to us directly.

    We will get it touch with you once the tutor has completed the first 2 weeks of tuition.

  • Is there a minimum commitment period?

    No. There is no minimum commitment period AFTER the first lesson.

    After the tuition details are confirmed officially via Whatsapp, there is a minimum binding contract of completing the first lesson. Should the Parent/Student wish to cancel lesson/change Tutor after the first lesson, you may do so by contacting your respective tuition coordinators.

  • Are trial lessons available?

    Yes trial lessons are available upon request. Do take note trial lessons are paid as well!

    You can inform our agents on your decision whether you would like to continue with our tutor, after the lesson. There is no Commitment Period.

  • How can I trust the tutors provided by CocoTutors?

    Tutors have to pass through stringent reviews and criterias to ensure they are capable of providing excellent tuition services to you. Moreover, the points rating system for tutors further weeds out tutors that are less capable of delivering good tuition standards. Fill in our tutor request form.

    Furthermore, our Home Tutors are NOT sourced from Facebook tuition groups, in which a MAJORITY of them are incapable tutors. Why we advise against Facebook Tutors.

    Hence the Home Tutors provided by CocoTutors are deemed to be capable of delivering high tuition standards by both parents and CocoTutors, to ensure that your Child will be able to excel academically. If you would like to verify their qualifications, you may request for tutors to bring their relevant certificates to ascertain their identity. We will not send online documents due to privacy, security and safety concerns.

  • What are the tuition rates?

    Tuition rates varies between tutor to tutor as they have different qualifications and experience (Tutor Portfolio).

    Here are the range of tuition rates you can expect:

    Primary: $20/h – $50/h
    Secondary: $30/h – $65/h
    Junior College: $40/h – $100/h
    International Baccalaureate: $45/h – $100/h
    University – $60/h – $120/h

    If you have a specific budget you would like us to work with, you can add in your budget in our Tutor Request Form.

  • What type of tutors are there available?

    Part-time Tutors: private tutors who are giving tuition part-time, mainly consist of Undergraduates (NUS/NTU/SMU), A-Level Graduates, University (NUS/NTU/SMU) Graduates who have a Full-time Job outside. Tuition Rates from part-time tutors are usually the lowest among other types of tutors. Here are the average Tuition Rates across Singapore you will be paying when you request a Home Tutor.

    Full-time Tutors: these tutors have many years of tutoring experience under their belt, hence expect to pay a higher price for their experience. These home tutors consists of mainly graduates from universities, or ex-MOE School teachers who turn to Full-time Tutoring.

    Current/ex-MOE School teachers: these tutors are the cream of the crop tutors, hence expect to pay a hefty price for their expertise. These home tutors either tutor full-time or on the side. Their many years of experience and resources available will be able to aid any student into getting distinctions, since they would know the syllabus and the questions at the back of their hand.

    Here is a guide on What to Expect when Hiring Different Types of Tutors, which will help you make your decision.

  • Any advance payment?

    No, you only pay when lessons are completed. 

    No advance payment is required. If our tutors request for advance payment, please inform us directly and we will deal with our tutors accordingly.

  • How do I pay the tuition fees (commission fees levied on tutors)?

    You will be issued an official invoice via email once tuition details are confirmed. You are required to pay the tutor fees to CocoTutors before the due date, which would be 2 days after completion of 2 weeks of active lessons (e.g first official lesson commences on 1 Jan, payment due date would be 17 Jan. You can pay anytime before the due date). We will prompt you via SMS/Whatsapp to pay the outstanding fees before the due date.

    You can pay the fees to CocoTutors via these methods: bank transfer via ATM/iBanking, or DBS/POSB PayLah! Please note that for all payments, it is your responsibility to keep the bank receipt as proof of transaction made via bank transfer. Please inform the agency when payment is done for verification.

    You can also request for a receipt for payment should you require it.

  • Unsuitable tutor! What do I do?

    If you would like to change tutors for any reason, such as conflicting learning/teaching styles etc, please contact us via Whatsapp/Call to +65 9177 9055 or email [email protected] with your home tuition details, and accompanying reasons, so we can give feedback to the tutor. You will still have to pay the amount for the completed lessons/hours with previous tutor.

    We will conduct the change in home tutors immediately such that it would not affect your studies/pursuit of distinction. Choose from the List of Tutor Profiles that we provided earlier so we can replace a Tutor immediately!

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"Jia Jing is very good, Very patience and able to teach him method and concept that my son said easy to understand"
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Parent, P6 Math
"Very happy with the services. Quick and reliable. They even let me talk to tutor directly before any confirmation. Responsible follow-up and coordination! deserve a 'like'."
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Mrs Foo
Parent, Sec 2 Geog & History
"He is good! My son appreciate the method and he managed to easily understand topics he has problem with"
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Parent, Sec 1 Math & Science
"So far feels alright with her, I can feel that she's a decent young girl. During lesson she used her laptop for online assessments."
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Mdm Goh
Parent, Sec 1NA English