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Tuition Rates

Tuition Rates are according to Per Hour rates, and are split across 3 different Home Tutor categories:

Part-time Tutor

Part-time Tutors consists mostly of Undergraduate (NUS/NTU/SMU) students

Full-time Tutor

Full-time Tutors have many years of tutoring experience under their belt

MOE teachers

Current/ex-MOE School teachers are the most qualified Tutors, and are certified to Teach

A Level/Undergrads Graduate/Full-time Tutor Ex/Current MOE Teacher
Primary 1-3
Primary 4-6
Secondary 1-2
Secondary 3-5
Junior College 1-2

For IB/IGCSE/SAT/Polytechnic/University/3rd Language/Nursery:
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Mostly NUS/NTU undergraduates

Updated with current school syllabus/curriculum

Least expensive

Most flexible timetable

Youngest age (easily connect with students)




Professional and committed home tutors

Seasoned and familiar with syllabus/curriculum

Premium rates

Many years of tutoring experience

Reliable, taught many graduating students

School Teachers



Current/Former teachers from government Schools

Trained and Certified by NIE

In-depth knowledge on syllabus/curriculum requirements

Most expensive due to wealth of resources

Least flexible timings, ongoing School commitments

Home Tuition Rates 2019 FAQ:

  1. Call +65 9177 9055 directly if you have any questions
  2. Above rates are the market average tutor rate taken from the past 6 months (home tuition rates Singapore)
  3. You will receive a List of Tutor Profiles (See: Sample of Tutor Profiles) of Tutors that have indicated interest (Age, Qualifications, Experience, Rates, Current Position), when you request a Home Tutor by filling up the request form;
  4. Not sure what type of Tutors to choose? Read our guide on: Part-time/Full-time Tutor or MOE teacher?
  5. Additional tips & guides on Tuition Singapore – CocoTutors’ Blog. (See: Male or Female Tutor, How to Find the Perfect Tutor, What is a Tuition Agency)
  6. Commonly asked questions can be found here: FAQ (Parent/Students) by Tuition Agency

Hi, I am currently an Year 4 undergraduate at SMU studying Business Management. I have 7 Distinctions for O Levels, and have been tutoring the past 5 years. Also, I teach Maths at Secondary level.

Hi I am Zachary, currently a Year 2 NTU Renaissance Engineering Programme (REP). Also, I graduated VJC with 4 Distinctions, and 6 A1’s in O Levels. I have about 2 years of tutoring experience, and I specialise in Maths, Chemistry & Physics.

Hi, I am Qianyi, Year 2 Medicine student in NUS. I graduated ACJC with 7 Distinctions at the A Levels. In addition, I have over 2 years of experience in tutoring, currently tutoring 4 students. My strongest subjects are Maths and Science.

I am Nathanael, A Level graduate from MJC currently serving NS. I obtained A for H2 Geography at A Levels, and was top in cohort for Geog in JC, and Secondary school. Moreover, I will not only provide students with additional practices but also personal notes that I used!

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"Jia Jing is very good, Very patience and able to teach him method and concept that my son said easy to understand"
home tuition parent testimonial coco tutors
Parent, P6 Math
"Very happy with the services. Quick and reliable. They even let me talk to tutor directly before any confirmation. Responsible follow-up and coordination! deserve a 'like'."
home tuition parent testimonial coco tutors
Mrs Foo
Parent, Sec 2 Geog & History
"He is good! My son appreciate the method and he managed to easily understand topics he has problem with"
home tuition parent testimonial coco tutors
Parent, Sec 1 Math & Science
"So far feels alright with her, I can feel that she's a decent young girl. During lesson she used her laptop for online assessments."
home tuition parent testimonial coco tutors
Mdm Goh
Parent, Sec 1NA English