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How to Choose from a List of Tutor Profiles

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Choosing from a List of Tutor Profiles

When you Request for a Tutor from @cocotutors, via our Tutor Request Form, you will receive a List of Tutor Profiles containing the following from our agents:

  1. Age, gender
  2. Qualifications
  3. Experience
  4. Current position

You will receive a List of Tutor Profiles, ranging from 1-20 depending on your assignment. Should you not like to engage any Tutors that are in the List, we can send you more Tutor Profiles to choose from. (See: How to find the Perfect Tutor)

List of Tutor Profiles cocotutors home tuition home tutor private tutor available

Choosing the Right Tutor

You can compare Qualifications, Experience, Rates/timeslots between the Tutors, when you receive the List of Tutor Profiles from our agent. Our agents will also be recommending you a few Tutors from the List to be the Tutor for the assignment, based on past experiences/assignments with us.
(e.g Gangka has received positive feedback (9/8/2018): “Well she is a real professional, My daughter was really comfortable with her and it’s very obvious that she is experienced“)

Once you have decided on one, or a few, Tutor Profiles that you would like to engage or would like to find out more about, do inform our agents and they will be more than willing to help you! (See: market tuition rates, 2019)

However, do remember that you get what you pay for, so don’t be a problematic parent! (See: 5 Signs You are a Problematic Parent)


Confirming the Tutor and Starting the First Lesson

Once the Tutor has been finalised, do let our agents know on the first lesson date/timings, so the tuition details can be confirmed and our Tutor can start the first lesson!

At this point, you will receive a Whatsapp confirmation on the official tuition details, followed by more details on the Commission Payment and Feedback collection. You can refer to our Parent/student FAQ section for more information!


Tutor turns out to be unsuitable! What do I do?

In the scenario whereby you decide after the completion of the first lesson that our Tutor is unsuitable, do inform our agents asap and we can process a free change in Tutor!
You can choose another tutor from the List of Tutor Profiles provided, or you can request our agent to send a new Tutor List.

Do provide some feedback so we can inform our Tutor on how to improve as well!

CocoTutors: Home Tuition Agency – carefully reviews, select and interview potential Tutors before accepting them to join CocoTutors as a Tutor. Usually, we also do request Tutors to provide feedback/recommendations from their past/current students, hence ensuring that Tutors from CocoTutors only uphold the high standards and are able to provide quality and effective tuition for your Child. Our Undergraduate Home Tutors start from $25-50/h, depending on Qualifications & Experience. Start with a Free Tutor Search now!

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