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How to Find the Perfect Tutor

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Looking for a tutor may be a very daunting and difficult task – there are “over 600 tuition centres in Singapore in 2016, not counting the countless tuition agencies in Singapore that seemingly never end. 

Looking for the right Tutor is an even more challenging task – one that requires grit and patience, since all students have different learning styles. (See: 12 Study Tips from an A Levels Top Scorer)

Even a tutor that might seem promising at the start, may end up to be of little help. Some students require a very patient and endearing tutor to guide them every step of the way, while some requires a very strict tutor, only able to shine under high pressure environments. And when they shine, you will feel that all the money you spent is worth it.

Hence, finding the Perfect Tutor for your Child is a daunting but rewarding task. In this guide, we will breakdown all the steps on how to find the perfect tutor. Before we can look for a Tutor, we have to understand why tuition and how tuition benefits us.

Why Tuition, How Tuition Benefits Us

Firstly, why Tuition? In a 2015 poll by Straits Times, they found that “7 in 10 Parents send their Children for private Tuition“. Surely you would not want to be the other 3 losing out. Tuition can teach students the 2 most important skills to doing well in the Singapore education systemmemorising and understanding key concepts, and answering what the question wants.

This article highlights, “Why Tuition is Important for the Education system in Singapore“. Tutors serve as an additional resource your Child can tap on other than in School. Your Child may be inattentive in class due to the several distractions present – friends and etc. In tuition, distractions are minimised since it is 1-to-1, since all energy is focused on the student.

Also, here are some of the key things you need take note of – such as Sec 2 Streaming Exercise, “How it Affects our Future“; importance of Subject Combinations, “How taking Combined Science Almost Ruined My Future“.

Tuition can prevent similar scenarios above from happening to your Child. The Tutor would be able to give some pep talk since they have gone through the same streaming, that you/your Child may not know about. 

Different Types of Tuition

Now we decided to get tuition for our Child, we have to understand what are all our available options for tuition: Home Tuition, Tuition Centres, and Online Tuition.

In these articles we compare the stark differences between the different types of tuition. From the Pros and Cons of the different types of tuition, you can make an informed choice of what your Child needs – be it group tuition at Tuition Centres, specialised and focused 1-to-1 care from Home Tuition, or e-learning sessions from Online Tuition.

Home Tuition or Online Tuition? (

Home Tuition or Tuition Centres? (

Home Tuition – What is a Tuition Agency? (

Type of Tutor

After deciding the type of tuition – home tuition, tuition centre and etc. We have to decide what type of Tutors would be the most appropriate for our Child, so that their learning can be maximised.

Here are some guiding questions:

  1. Is your Child more comfortable with a male or female Tutor?
  2. Is your Child more comfortable with a younger or older Tutor?
  3. Are you specifically looking for a very specialised and experienced Tutor?

These guiding questions and the articles below help address and answer all our questions, and aid us in finding the Perfect Tutor. A tutor that our Child is the most comfortable with will provide the most help.

If your Child will take longer to adapt to the Tutor, they will take longer to absorb material/adapt to teaching style since there is this gap that needs to be bridged. The precious time can be saved if you made the prior assessment using the guiding questions and articles above. Surely you want to waste precious time, especially when it is near exam periods where every single day can make or break it.

How to Request for Tutors

Now you know what kind of Tuition, and Tutors you are specifically looking for, you are very, very close to finding the Perfect Tutor!

Here is a guide on How to Request for Tutors from Tuition Agencies. Usually, agents will get back to you within 2 hours with a List of Tutor Profiles. They will sometimes provide 5, up to 10 tutors for you to choose from! How to Choose from a List of Tutor Profiles will guide you every step of the way to choosing the Right home Tutor!

Once you have chosen a Tutor, your Child can start his journey to having Academic Success!


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