What is a Tuition Agency?

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Exactly what is a Tuition Agency, and how does it work? 

You have seen countless agencies offering home tuition services all over the internet, but you are not sure what to expect from them, let alone trust them. 

In this article, we will be breaking down the structure of a Tuition Agency.

Firstly, What is a Tuition Agency?

A Tuition Agency comprises of 3 key components – Parent, Tutor and Agent

Tuition Agencies connect Parents to Tutors, via their tuition-matching system. Tuition Agency takes a cut from the tuition fees paid to the Tutor, meaning the Parent does not need to pay any extra fees.

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How does a Tuition Agency Work?

Parents and students can Request a Tutor from an Agency, on their website by filling up a form, or by calling the agent (+65 9177 9055) directly.

After a few hours, the agent will update you with a List of Tutor Profiles to choose from.

Parents now can see a full List of Tutor Profiles (Sample List of Tutor Profiles), with their:

Qualifications (with grades)
– Experience
– Rates

Afterwards, you can choose your preferred Tutor you would like to engage, or you can follow our recommendations.

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Our agents will recommend the most suitable candidate for you, based on past experiences working with the tutor. (See: 4 Types of Tutors to Avoid)

Once you confirm a Tutor, the agent will provide you with the confirmed tuition details. You can begin the first lesson with our Tutor! (See: How to find the Perfect Tutor)

How does the Commission Policy work?

Before we start, just want to put it out there that Parent do not pay extra for Commission. Commission is levied on the tutor, and just collected from the Parent.

Why? If we collected from the tutors, there comes this additional risk where the tutors refuse to pay (especially for larger amounts).

The standard Commission Rate for all Tuition Agencies in Singapore is: 50% of the first month, to put it simply.

Commission Collection

Different tuition agencies collect their Commission in different ways. Some agents collect the full first month of tuition fees directly from the Parents, subsequently make a 50% transfer to the tutor after receiving payment from the Parent.

However, many problems can arise due to this form, such as “Little recourse for unpaid Tutors“. Issues such as tutor alleging not paid by Agent, Agent claiming Parent has not made payment – all these issues will only cause more problems, and will only negatively affect your Child.

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CocoTutors collects Commission seamlessly. We collect the first 2 weeks of tuition fees – which equals to 50% of the first month (barring any changes to tuition details), directly from the Parent.

Our tutor will only be paid starting from the 3rd week onwards. This eliminates any issues faced above, as the Parent is the only point of contact for payment to either the Tutor/Agent.

**For the full breakdown, please take a look at our Commission Policy. You will not need to worry on this, since the agent will have already liaised with the Tutor!

Tutor finished the First Lesson, now what?

During the first lesson, Parents are to assess the suitability of the Tutor. 

This way, Parents can cancel lessons if they find the tutor unsuitable – teaching style, attitude, punctuality etc. 

Why continue lessons if you know you can find a better Tutor? (See: How to Request for Tutors)

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Should you find the lesson unsatisfactory or the tutor unsuitable, inform the agent immediately.

They will cancel subsequent lessons and arrange for a replacement Tutor. (Choose another tutor, for subsequent lessons) This is to ensure that the best Tutor is found for your Child!

If the Tutor is suitable, do provide feedback to the agent as well! Should there be any issues with the tutor anytime, or if you want another tutor, let the agent know!

Main Function of Tuition Agency

The purpose of a Tuition Agency is to find the Perfect Tutor for Parents.

Parents can try out different Tutors until the most suitable one is found. Most of the time it is found within one try!

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Miriam is part of the team that operates CocoTutors: #1 Home Tuition Agency in Singapore. We connect Parents and students to Tutors, via our tuition-matching system. You can try out our services at (www.cocotutors.com/) or by calling +65 9177 9055 directly.

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