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Commission Policy

This webpage’s Commission Policy sets out the basis on which CocoTutors of UEN 53378205L, collects Commission fees from you and how the fees would be collected.

By visiting our website www.cocotutors.com (our “Site”), you accept and consent to the practices set out below. You must not use our Site if you disagree with any of our practices in our Commission Policy. This policy is applied to all visitors, users, others who access or use this Site, or anyone that requests the Services of CocoTutors, be it requesting a tutor or registering as a Tutor.

Commission Fees

The Agent Commission fees are levied onto Tutors via collection of tuition fees.

(a) Long-term assignment (3 months and longer)
CocoTutors will collect 50% of tuition fees from first 4 weeks of active lessons* as Commission feesThe first 2 weeks of tuition fees (50% of first 4 weeks) is paid to CocoTutors, thereafter tuition fees can be paid to tutors directly.

(b) Short-term assignment (2 months or shorter)
CocoTutors will collect 30% of tuition fees from the first 4 weeks of active lessons* as Commission fees. The first 2 weeks of tuition fees (50% of first 4 weeks) is paid to CocoTutors, the remaining 20% is to be transferred to Tutors, via bank transfer, after receiving payment from Parent. This is to facilitate easier payment for the Parent.

(c) Trial lesson 
Commission Fees on trial lessons are 30%, and is counted separately from the actual Commission. CocoTutors will collect the full lesson payment from the Parent, then make the transfer to the Tutor afterwards. For example, Parent conducts 1 trial lesson and decides to continue afterwards, CocoTutors will collect a total Commission of 30% from trial lesson, and also the first 2 weeks of official tuition (50% of the first month). Trial lessons are not counted as official tuition.

(d) Cancellation/stoppage of assignment
CocoTutors will collect 50% of tuition fees from the total number of completed hours as Commission fees. The payment for the full duration (all completed hours by Tutor) will be paid to CocoTutors directly, subsequently 50% of the collected tuition fees will be transferred to the Tutor, via bank transfer.

– Parents/students are to facilitate the payment of Commission to CocoTutors for the first 2 weeks of tuition fees. Payment is to be made to CocoTutors by the due date stated on the official email invoice. A S$50.00 late fee will be imposed on late payments 1 week after the due date. 
– An official email invoice will be sent to your email upon confirmation of the tuition details with our tuition co-ordinator.

* First 4 weeks of active lessons refer to agreed tuition frequency per week for 4 weeks. (i.e. Tuition frequency is 1 lesson/week, Commission will be 2 lessons)
For e.g, if agreed tuition frequency is 2 lessons/week and tutor misses one lesson due to various reason; in 4 weeks, a total of only 7 lessons would be completed, short of the 8 lessons should all lessons be completed. We will still collect 4 lessons worth of tuition fees, which is 50% of the agreed tuition frequency for 4 weeks as part of our agent commission fees, directly from the tutee. 

** Should there be additional lessons on the first month, outside of the agreed tuition frequency, we will be collecting 50% of the additional lesson as well as part of our Commission. For e.g, if agreed tuition frequency is 1 lesson/week and the Parent decides to add 1 extra lesson to the 2nd week; the 2nd week now has 2 lessons, we will be collecting 2.5 lessons worth of tuition fees as a total of 5 lessons is completed on the first month.

*** IMPORTANT: if there are any changes in tuition frequency such as additional lessons, please do inform your respective tuition co-ordinator from CocoTutors.