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4 Types of Home Tutors we should Avoid AT ALL COSTS

4 types of home tutors we should avoid at all costs cocotutors home tuition

Surely everyone has heard before of Horror stories of Home Tutors from tuition agencies, or tuition agencies in general. Stories like “Be Careful of Dishonest Tutors“, or even articles like “Super tutors who earn at least 1m a year“, gives us the stigma/idea that Tutors are only in it for the money.

When tutors are in it for the money only, more often than not, they will place their personal interests above the student’s, and many things can go wrong from there.


So how can we avoid getting ourselves into these scenarios in the first place?

One way is to check the reviews of the tuition agency: if the tuition agency itself is not providing proper Service & support, you roughly know what kind of system they have in place and the standard of tutors they might provide to you.

Where can we check the reviews? Simply go to Parent forums (MummySG, KiasuParents etc.) to check out reviews and word-of-mouth from other Parents. They usually give out the most unbiased opinion out there in this bear-eat-bear industry.


How does the tuition agency accepts new Tutors 

Tuition Agencies have the ability to scan Tutor’s Qualifications, Experience to see if they are fit to take up the assignment. Some agents allow any tutor to take up the assignment without verification or proof of their credentials. (See: How to Choose from a List of Tutor Profiles)

Would you want to take the chance and have a tutor with bad grades? Or do you want to risk wasting your hard-earned money on ineffective tuition lessons, wasting your time and your Child’s time?

Or worse still; switching tutors back and forth multiple times (wasting time & money in the process), just to find a good and suitable tutor for your Child? (See: How to Find the Perfect Tutor)


Here are 4 types of Home Tutors you should avoid AT ALL COSTS

  1. Facebook Tutors

2. Tutors that cannot commit Long-term

3. Tutors with AVERAGE qualifications

4. Tutors that keep rescheduling lessons: not committed to tutoring, imagine if during exam periods reschedule lesson when your Child needs it the most

You should avoid these Tutors at all costs as they WILL jeopardise your Child’s education, with tuitions turning out to be more detrimental than helpful for your Child. (See: No.1 Thing to Avoid when Hiring Tutors)


1. Facebook Tutors

Unpopular opinion: from a Tuition Agency’s perspective, we have identified Tutors from Facebook Groups to be the group of Tutors you should avoid AT ALL COST. As for those people who are saying that I am generalising the entire population from a biased perspective, we have had on every occasion bad experiences with Tutors from Facebook Tuition Groups.

Firstly, it is an unregulated market, no qualifications verified, no experience most of the time, people that turn to tutoring as a last resort. Most of them are in it just to earn a little bit of cash on the side (See: Private Tutor salary, 2018)


2. Tutors that cannot commit Long-term

These tutors are looking for short-term tutoring stints, hoping to earn some money before moving onto the next phase of their life. Would you want your Child to also bear the hardship of adapting to new tutors constantly, or even worse, changing tutors just before their major exams?

As these tutors have already decided that they would not be committing to tutoring for long-term (until at least the end of the year), they would already have lost that sense of responsibility for the results/improvement for your Child, since they would not be seeing your Child all the way to the examinations anyway.

Also since they are only doing it for the money, they would only come for lessons when they need the money, and reschedule when they don’t.


3. Tutors with AVERAGE qualifications

Real talk: if the Tutor themselves did not do well when they were taking the examinations themselves, can you be sure to trust your Child to them?

Unless they have exceptional experience and track record of past students doing very well, these Tutors will eventually teach your Child the same mistakes they committed, and end up not doing well in examinations as well.

Solution: Be sure to screen and check (request if possible) the Tutor’s qualifications and experience from the Tuition Agency.

CocoTutors provides a list of Tutor Profiles (with Qualifications, and Experience) for Parents to pick and choose from. Start with a Free Tutor Search!


4. Tutors that keep rescheduling lessons

Frequent rescheduling of lessons is harmful for your Child. Imagine if it happens during exam periods whereby your Child needs the Tutor the most.

Worrying about whether the Tutor will be coming or not, should not be a thing you should worry about. It is their responsibility to come for the lessons they agreed and committed to coming for. You are better off looking for a more committed Tutor (which can be found easily through here!).

Having to reschedule lessons every week due to excuses like “sick, unable to come”, “headache today”, “important meeting at last minute”, adds more work as you have to arrange for timeslots both the Tutor and your Child can make it. (which shouldn’t even be your job in the first place)

Of course, this is referring to tutors that frequently reschedule lessons. Once in a while it would be understandable, but when it happens so often such that it adversely affects your Child? That is a problem. (See: Part-time/Full-time Tutors or MOE teachers?)


Fortunately, CocoTutors does not accept these Tutors

CocoTutors has a very stringent and strict process before potential Tutors are approved. At the minimum, all our Tutors have the following qualifications:

  1. ALevel graduates (minimum 3 distinctions)
  2. NUS/NTU/SMU undergraduates
  3. High PSLE T-scores

Before they are approved, they also must be able to commit at least until the end of the year, meaning they would not leave halfway, or even worse; just before the major examinations.

Our Tutors all also have some form of Experience with Tutoring in the past, either providing private Tuition or peer tuition. We also do ask the Tutors for feedback/recommendations from their past/current students, to verify their credentials and experience.


YOU get to choose a Tutor you like to engage, from our List of Tutor Profiles!

Upon filling up the Request Form, we will provide you with a List of Tutor Profiles: containing age, gender, Qualifications, Experience and current job. From there, you can pick and choose which Tutor you would like to engage, drastically lowering your Chances of getting an underqualified Tutor who does not know anything.

CocoTutors: Home Tuition Agency – carefully reviews, select and interview potential Tutors before accepting them to join CocoTutors as a Tutor. Usually, we also do request Tutors to provide feedback/recommendations from their past/current students, hence ensuring that Tutors from CocoTutors only uphold the high standards and are able to provide quality and effective tuition for your Child. Our Undergraduate Home Tutors start from $25-50/h, depending on Qualifications & Experience. Start with a Free Tutor Search now!

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