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Part-time Tutors, Full-time Tutors OR MOE teachers?

confused student what tutor to choose Part time tutor full time or moe teacher

Part-time Tutors, Full-time Tutors OR MOE teachers?

Mum spends $2,000/term on daughter’s Tuition.” Private tuition can be expensive (See: market tuition rates, 2019), and the types of Tutor should we engage should depend on several factors.

But first, what are Part-time Tutors? Part-time Tutors are private tutors who are giving tuition part-time, which consists of University Undergraduates/Graduates, A-Level Graduates, sometimes Poly Graduates. Part-time Tutors we are referring to in this case are NUS, NTU, SMU undergraduates (Y1-4) and graduates.

Hourly tuition rates from these tutors are the lowest compared to other types of tutors (Full-time Tutors/MOE teachers). Tutors with more tutoring experience (in years), will charge a high hourly rate. (See: How to Save Money on Tuition Agencies)

There is a negative connotation or a misconception attached to “Part-time Tutors” however, as many Parent think that Part-time Tutors are less effective than the other tutors, but that is not the case at all.

So what Tutor should We engage for our Child to maximise their educational potential?

There are a lot of tutors in Singapore, with the Tuition Industry booming and paying Tutors well (some over $120/h, Super tutors who earn at least $1m a year), many people have turned to Tutoring as their Full-time Job.

With so many to choose from, how do we avoid wasting both our/our Child’s time and money paying exceptionally high rates to Home Tutors that are not of any help to our Child? Read on more below to find out:

2 Factors to determining which Type of Tutors to hire:

1. Your Budget

2. How Committed/Flexible you want the Tutor to be

We all want the best Tutor, how do we find the one for our Child? These 2 factors will help you determine which tutor: Part-time Tutors, Full-time Tutors OR MOE teachers, to get as your Child’s coach. 

1.  Your Budget

Hourly rates for Part-time Tutors are the lowest, while rates for MOE/ex-MOE School Teachers are the most expensive. They can go upwards to $120/h (2-3 times the cost).

The rates are also based on Hourly Rate, so you will be looking at spending an astronomical $1,000/month just on a single subject of tuition from a MOE teacher. (See: How to Request for Tutors)

At the end of the day, the results are not guaranteed by the tutor you hire. How much are you willing to spend on tuition for your Child? If your budget for tuition is below 300-400/month, do not bother looking for Full-time Tutors or MOE teachers. More often than not the Tutors will require “Spending over $2,000 per Term on daughter’s Tuition

2.  How Committed/Flexible you want the Tutor to be

MOE teachers have very tight schedules as they have to juggle both School and Private Tutoring. Most of the time, they are only able to commit a short timeframe/time-slot on only Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Full-time Tutor Singapore also have very tight schedules as well. Many of them teach well over 10 students, filling up time-slots for the entire week.

Hence for both Full-time Tutors and MOE teachers, if you would like to reschedule lessons/flexible timeslots, they may be unable to do so due to having conflicting schedules. Or worse still, you would like to have more tuition lessons when exam periods are near, but your super-busy Tutors are unable to help due to existing commitments.

Undergraduate tutors on the other hand have very flexible schedules and lots of free time. Should you want to reschedule lessons or have additional lessons, they would gladly do it as they are able to earn more. (See: How much do Private Tutors make?

Additionally, should you need to message Tutors on questions for clarification, undergraduate tutors would be very willing and able to reply. They will not say they will only answer during lesson time nor say it’s out of goodwill that that they answer, unlike Full-time Tutors/MOE teachers who will be unable to entertain any outside lesson calls-for-help. (See: male or female tutor)

At the end of the day, Part-time Tutors are your safest bet.

After considering all factors, with all the additional help outside of lesson that undergraduate tutors are able to provide, in addition to the flexible rescheduling and additional lessons, Part time Tutor Singapore would be the safest bet to be the Tutor for your Child – if budget is a factor.

CocoTutors allow for a FREE change in Tutors! If the first tutor is unsuitable, a replacement tutor of your choice will come for the subsequent lessons, so only the Best will be provided for your Child. (See: How to Find the Perfect Tutor)

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