Part-time Tutors, Full-time Tutors or MOE teachers?

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Private tuition can be expensive. “Mum spends $2,000/term on daughter’s Tuition.

What type of Tutor (Part-time Tutor/Full-time Tutor or MOE teacher) we engage depends on the needs of the student. (See: market tuition rates, 2019)

But first, who are Part-time Tutors?

Part-time Tutors

Mainly consisting of Undergraduates, University Graduates, A Level graduates; Part-time Tutors are tutors who are giving tuition part-time. 

Hourly tuition rates from these tutors are the cheapest ($25/h and above), compared to other types of tutors – Full-time Tutors, MOE School teachers. 

Tutors with more tutoring experience and track record will charge a high hourly rate. (See: How to Save Money on Tutors)

Below explained are some factors you must take into consideration before choosing a Tutor:

Factors to Consider:

1. Your Budget
2. Needs of the Student
3. How Committed/Flexible you want the Tutor to be

We all want the Tutor to be effective. The factors explained below will help you determine which type of tutor to get.

1. Your Budget

One-line summary: How much are you willing to spend on Education?

Hourly rates for Part-time Tutors are the cheapest ($25/h and above). Rates for MOE School Teachers are the most expensive – upwards to $120/h.

Rates are also based on Hourly Rate, so you will be looking at about $1,000/month on 1 subject (See: How to Request for Tutors)

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At the end of the day, the results are not guaranteed by the tutor you hire.

However, specialists like Full-time Tutors and MOE School teachers, increases your chances of getting a Distinction.

2. Needs of the Student

Is your child severely lacking in content foundation? Or does your child require a little bit of revision only?

If the student is one of the latter, then Part-time Tutors/Full-time Tutors would be fine. 

There is no need to hire a current/ex-MOE School teacher to guide your boy/girl through basic practice – specialists will cost you back a large sum.

Of course, if you value proven track record over saving a few dollars, these specialists (Full-time Tutors, MOE School teachers) would definitely be a great choice.

3. How Committed/Flexible you want the Tutor to be

Most Parents request for higher tuition frequency during exam period: 2-3 lessons a week

(a) MOE School teachers

MOE teachers have very inflexible schedules as they have to juggle both School and tuition.

With MOE’s Policy that allow teachers to give a maximum 6 hours of private tuition per week – there is not much room for extra lessons during exam periods.

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Hence for MOE teachers, if you would like to reschedule lessons/flexible timeslots, it would most likely be impossible. Or worse still, you would like to have more tuition lessons when exam periods are near, but your super-busy teacher is unable to help due to School commitments.

(b) Part-time Tutors

On the other hand, undergraduate tutors have very flexible schedules.

Should you need to reschedule lessons or have additional lessons even at last minute notice, Part-time Tutors mostly have no issue. (See: How much do Private Tutors make?

Additionally, should you have some questions for clarification outside of tuition, Part-time Tutors would be able to reply via Whatsapp; outside lesson consultation. 

Full-time Tutors and MOE teachers are unable to entertain any outside lesson calls-for-help. (See: Male or Female tutor?)

So.. which Tutor should I get?

After considering all factors above, you should have a rough gauge of what you are looking for.

Most importantly, you should look out for the Tutor’s track record – gauge whether tuition under him/her is effective.

Below are some guiding questions to help you make your decision:

1. How much are you willing to spend on Education?
2. Do you value tutors with proven track record?
3. Does your child require alot of help, or just guidance in practice?
4. Foresee any queries outside of lesson time?

CocoTutors allow for a free change in Tutors: if the first tutor is unsuitable, you can cancel immediate and get a replacement. (See: How to Find the Perfect Tutor)

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