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5 Reasons Why Home Tuition is Important in Singapore

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Our education system today is one that follows meritocracy: a system in which people are rewarded and advance solely based on ability and talent, which translates into grades and paper qualifications. This means that the better your grades are, the better you will fare in the education system, and the higher chances of entering the 3 autonomous universities in Singapore (NUS, NTU and SMU).

Research has shown that “Graduates of SIM received a starting pay of $2700, compared to $3360 of graduates from NUS, NTU and SMU.” In a more recent study, “Private school grads earn 28% less than their peers from universities.” Even though many people do not agree with how the Education system in Singapore works (I myself disagree), it will not change drastically during the entire life span of our education years. Hence the Best way to work around it is just to do the best you can and stretch every mile of your capabilities to achieve more.

So how do we get better grades? There is no better alternative than Home Tuition. Heres 5 reasons why:

1. Home Tuition supplements School work

Home Tuition is able to supplement school work and allow for better grades as it forces students (tutees) to do more work and questions related to the subject, forcing memory retention. As more work and questions are done, they become well drilled and those key concepts that would be tested in examinations would be enforced into their minds. Home tuition will also make the students (tutees) do more work than they normally or will ever do, since tuition is a fixed schedule every week, so your Child will only benefit from Home Tuition. (See: market tuition rates, 2018)

2. Receive help on the spot

Unsure how to do a question? Asked your friends and they are also unsure of how to solve the question? Unsure of your friends answer to your question? Or your teacher “has no time to go through every question 1-by-1 because they have to rush the syllabus”?

Our home tutors are able to address all your concerns! (Guide on: How to Request for Home Tutors) They possess the knowledge, and have the time to drill the essential concepts that are required. Any difficulties you face while doing questions during tuition, you are able to receive immediate help and solve all your uncertainties, which will only strengthen your knowledge base and hence better grades. (Part-time Tutors, Full-time Tutors or MOE teachers?)

3. Go on your own comfortable pace​

Unsure of a particular topic/concept but your class is already way past that topic? Home Tuition will allow for students (tutees) to go at their own pace, tutees are able to request for specific topics and concepts that they need help in, and home tutors can guide them into understanding the key concepts, and teach them on how to answer these types of questions. Your foundations will get better, and so do your grades. (Choose from a List of Tutor Profiles)

4. EVERYONE is already doing it

7 in 10 parents send their children for tuition“, a survey conducted by Straits Times. Majority of Singaporean students are receiving extra, supplementary help via tuition. Can you afford to be the 3 in 10 students that do not receive qualified help and take a chance in jeopardising your grades?

I would prefer not to take that chance, as my future and my chances of securing a place in a course of my choice in the future is affected. (How taking Combined Science Almost Ruined My Future – True Story) A strong foundation is required to do well in our Education system, as without strong foundations we would not even be able to answer the tougher questions that are posed in examinations. Tuition can help strengthen the students’ foundations, and also the added knowledge of how the tutors worked-around when they were taking their examinations and subsequently did well after, will only benefit students.

5. Tutors have done it themselves

The home tutors that you engaged have probably went through the same examinations you will be going through later in the year. They went through and have done exceptionally well, which allowed them to become tutors in the first place. (See: 12 Study Tips from an A Level Top Scorer)

Hence, they will know what key concepts are important and have a high chance of being tested; they can teach you the nooks and crannies of the questions, key things to look out for when answering examinations questions, question requirements etc. All these drilled to you on a weekly basis, every week until the examinations, will definitely guarantee you stellar results.

All in all, Home Tuition is an important supplement in your journey to Educational Success. 

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