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Home Tuition or Online Tuition?

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Home Tuition or Online Tuition?

In recent years, a new category for Tuition in Singapore has emerged – Online Tuition. Online Tuition is where tuition is conducted through the use of a video-call application between Tutor and student on a computer. Many beneficiaries have begun to advocate the benefits of Online Tuition.

But is online tuition really as effective as people have called it to be? In this article we will be examining:

  • Pros and Cons of Online Tuition;
  • whether you should get Home Tuition or Online Tuition.

Pros and Cons of Online Tuition

So you decided to get Tuition for your Child, and are now deciding between getting a Home Tutor or Online Tuition. Although the common goal – to improve grades and strengthen foundations of students, is similar, there are many stark differences in the way Tuition is conducted.

Here is a List of the Pros and Cons of Online Tuition:

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1. Need a Good Working Computer

In order to conduct an Online Tuition session smoothly, the student would have to have a good working Computer, with the following accessories as well: Web camera (webcam), computer Microphone. You would require a good working computer, not the ones from early 2005s with limited graphic capabilities and power.

A webcam and microphone is also needed so that your Child can converse in real-time with the Tutor through the computer. Should your computer not have these accessories, your Child would have to manually type out using the chat function of the live session.

This is substantially slower than communicating/conversing using a mic. The valuable time wasted typing is still chargeable on the rates you booked the Tutor for, time wasted that could be better used! (See: market tuition rates, 2019)

pros cons of online tuition cocotutors home tutor singapore home tuition singapore tuition agency home tuition or online tuition benefits article maths tuition science tuition singapore

2. Connectivity/Technical issues

Live sessions are conducted over the internet (Wi-fi). This means that you are vulnerable to weak connection, interference, latency or other technical issues faced by both the Tutor and student. Valuable time will be wasted trying to diagnose and solve the issue. You will also still be liable to pay for the full duration of the lesson, irregardless of any technical issues faced during the session.

Worse still, if the problem is on the Tutor’s side and the Tutor is unable to diagnose and fix immediately. It will only provide more trouble and inconvenience to the student/Parent, trying to appeal the payment for the lesson due to the technical fault. This is a problem that could easily be avoided if you got a Home Tutor instead.


personal connection online tuition cocotutors home tutor singapore home tuition singapore tuition agency home tuition or online tuition benefits article maths tuition science tuition singapore

3. Lack of Personal Connection

Which would you prefer: Skyping your husband through the phone or Talking to him in real life?

Same thing for tuition! Interaction between the Tutor and student is limited through a computer screen. There is no interpersonal connection between the two parties, hence there is a lack of motivation and accountability since the Tutors are not there personally to guide and set expectations for the Child.

Should your Child do badly on tests/exams, they will have one more additional person to be accountable for: the Tutor. (See: Male or Female Tutor?)

The Home Tutor has a Parental figure in the Child’s life. The students would be more likely to strive even harder for the next test/exam to avoid being a disappointment again – even more so subconsciously. Can you achieve the same effect for Online Tutors?

4. Post-lesson Talks

Usually after Home Tuition, the Home Tutor and Parent will talk about the student’s progress, future plans and tuition homework. You will be unable to do so for the online Tutor. Usually post-lesson talks with Tutors are to assess suitability of the Tutor, their plans for the student and also whether they truly care for the student. (See: How to Choose from a List of Tutor Profiles)

You can only rely on your Child’s feedback on them after their online class, which may be highly inaccurate if they do not have previous tuition/tutors to compare to. (See: How to Request for Tutors)

5. More Lessons can be arranged easily

However, Online Tuition is good in the sense that lesson frequency/tuition details can be easily adjusted. Should there be an upcoming major examination and you would like to increase tuition frequency to more intensive towards examinations, you will be able to do it easily. Since the Tutor is operating from a remote location from a computer, there is no travelling time or scheduling issues, Online Tutors can easily slot in more lessons for your Child.

More lessons can be completed and easily arranged than compared to Home Tuition. Home Tutors have to travel around, so they plan their schedules around the locations that they will be around at. Hence the chances of you being able to get the timeslot you requested would be minimal, should you want to increase frequency with your current tutor. (See: 4 Types of Tutors we should avoid at all cost)

So, Home Tuition or Online Tuition?

Home Tuition is the way to go now, and for the foreseeable future. Online Tuition is still something new and needs further developments and maturation before it can be rival traditional Home Tuition – even longer for Online Tuition to be adopted and go mainstream. (See: market tuition rates, 2019)

Judging based on the Pros and Cons of Online Tuition vs Home Tuition, you will be able to see the stark differences and make an informed choice. Whether it is Home Tuition, Online Tuition or no help at all, your Child will need every help he/she can get in their Educational journey. In meritocratic Singapore, it is best to do it once, and do it right. After all, more often than not, their whole lives will differ depending on their connections and Education they obtain when they are younger. (See: Home Tuition or Tuition Centre)

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