A Simple Guide: How to Save Money on Tutors

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Tuition is usually synonymous with expensive.

You and I both know nothing is cheap in Singapore – certainly not tuition, in paper-chasing Singapore.

In this article, we are going to provide tips on: How to Save Money on Tutors

Choosing a Tutor

Type “home tuition” in Google Search and there will be literally hundreds of tuition agents offering  “Quality Tutors”, and “PROVEN results”.

Kids with Tuition fare worse.” Surely you would not want to spend so much on tuition, to have it happen to you.

Expensive Tutor - How to Save Money on Tutors - CocoTutors blog, home tuition, tuition agency, private tutor, singapore tuition

Coming from a Tuition Agency myself, there are some shady practices I know of that other agents employ to increase their profit margins, at the cost of the Parents (You).

1. Up-selling more expensive Tutors
2. Hidden Costs to suck as much money from you

Below are explanations of these practices that may break your bank:

1. Agents Recommend Pricey Tutors

We all know how tuition agencies/coordinators make their money: Take 50% of the first month, then off you go. (See: What is a Tuition Agency?

In order to increase their sales/numbers, they can employ these tactics: 

1. Match with a tutor with high hourly rate
2. Push for more hours
3. Push for higher tuition frequency (more lessons in a week)

This way, they can maximise what they collect out of the first month. (See: market tuition rates, 2019)

(a) Match with an Expensive Tutor

Agents may push for these Full-time Tutors/Ex-MOE School teachers which will cost you starting from $50/h, up to $120/h.

This way, they would be able to collect way more out of the 50% of the first month than compared to the usual $30/h for Undergraduate tutors (now this $30/h seems small).

Expensive Cost - How to Save Money on Tutors - CocoTutors blog, home tuition, tuition agency, private tutor, singapore tuition

Now what if I told you this:

Undergraduate tutors can be equally as effective as Full-time Tutors/Ex-School teachers.

The former will cost you 2 times lesser Per Hour than the latter.

More often than not, students are not failing very badly for their subjects, most are doing average – clarifying misconceptions and helping with homework would be sufficient.

(b) Push for More Hours/Tuition Frequency

Having more hours completed and more lessons/week (higher tuition frequency) would mean a higher Commission amount for the agent.

There is a different between the market norm, as well as too much:

1 subject for 1 lesson/week, 1.5/2h per lesson is normal

1 subject for 2 lesson/week, 1.5/2h per lesson is normal – if the student is weaker

3 subject for 5 lesson/week, 1.5h per lesson is too much

tldr; Undergraduate Tutor (50-60% savings)

2. Hidden Costs from Services

The only thing you should be paying for is the hourly rate.

Anything else – you are being cheated.

Hidden Cost - How to Save Money on Tutors - CocoTutors blog, home tuition, tuition agency, private tutor, singapore tuition

For services such as: Change in Tutor, Early Termination of tutor; some agents charge a premium.

Imagine the scenario whereby the tutor’s credentials are amazing – but come the first lesson, the teaching style is unsuitable. You contact your agent to find out that there is a penalty fee for cancellation, as well as admin fee for early termination.

How bad does that sound?

You’re paying so much for a tutor that is unsuitable and you still have to put up with the agency’s terms.

(i) Our Terms

For CocoTutors, there is no hidden/agent fee whatsoever.

You only need to pay according to the hourly rate, only after lessons are completed.

Value-added Services (Free):

1. Trial Lessons Available
2. No Commitment Period
3. Terminate Anytime
4. No Agent/Hidden Fees
5. Free Change in Tutor
6. No Contract

Affordable and Transparent 

Above all that I have mentioned earlier, CocoTutors is established as the #1 Trusted Home Tuition Agency in Singapore. 

We allow for free Change in Tutor, should you find our tutor unsuitable, until you find the right fit.

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Miriam is part of the team that operates CocoTutors: #1 Home Tuition Agency in Singapore. We connect Parents and students to Tutors, via our tuition-matching system. You can try out our services at (www.cocotutors.com/) or by calling +65 9177 9055 directly.

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