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    Hi I am Samantha Mary. I am a Full-time Tutor with over 15 years experience in tutoring and conducting workshops. I graduated NTU with Bachelors’ in Communication Studies. I graduated ACJC scoring A for General Paper and A for H2 Geography. I specialise in teaching English, GP, Literature and Geography at Upper Secondary and JC levels.

    I am Nathanael, A Level graduate from MJC currently serving NS. I obtained A for H2 Geography at A Levels, was top in cohort for Geog in JC and also Secondary school. I will not only provide students with additional practices but also personal notes that I used!

    Hi, I am Xianyun, 31 year old female Full-time Tutor. I have a Master’s degree in Geography from NUS, also Master’s in Environmental Science from Peking University. I specialise in teaching Mathematics and Geography, for both local and international students.

    Comprehensive List of Tutor Profiles for Geography Home Tuition Singapore

    Mrs Wen: 31 year old female Full-time Tutor

    – Qualifications: NUS Master’s degree in Geography;
    Peking University, Master’s degree in Environmental Science;
    East China Normal Univeristy, Bachelor’s degree in Geographical Science with teaching certificate.

    Experience: Currently teaching 2 local students and 2 international students. Currently i have 4 students, two international students learning Chinese from me and 2 local students learning psle math and sec3 geography.

    Nathanael: 19 year old A Level graduate, currently in NS

    Qualifications: Graduated from MJC, attaining A and top in cohort for Geography. Previously from Tampines Secondary, where I have also top in cohort for Geography. OLevel A1 for Pure Geog, A2 for Hist/SS
    Experience: Previously aided by peers with subjects such as H2 Economics and Geography, with a peer of mine improving her grades from E to B. I believe in the benefits of taking and making personal notes fro these subjects, hence I would not only provide students with additional practices but also personal notes that I used to strive.

    Cheng Ze: 21 year old male Y1 NIE trainee under NTU-NIE, 4 years tutoring experience

    Qualifications: O Levels: Distinction in Combined Humanities (History/SS), and Pure Geography. ALevels: A in H2 Geog
    Experience: 4 years part time tutoring experience for geography.

    Ms Heng: 20 year old female NUS FASS Geography

    QualificationsGraduated from RVHS
    7As in GCE ‘A’ Level (H1 General Paper, H2 Mathematics, H2 Physics, H2 Chemistry, H2 Geography, H3 Geopolitics)
    Consistently in the top 10% of my cohort throughout (MOE Scholarship).

    Phyllis: 19 year old female Y1 FASS, 2 year tutoring experience

    Qualifications: Graduated from Nanyang JC.
    Scored an A in H2 Geography, H1 General paper, H2 Chemistry, H1 Math, H2 Econs.
    Have been placed as the top in the level for Geography twice, once during the Prelim exams in secondary school, and once during the prelim exams in JC.

    Experience: – Currently tutoring 3 International students English. One of them is a slow learner and thus I have to teach at a slower pace and engage in more ‘ask-back’ learning to ensure he fully understands. I also constantly repeat things that we have previously learnt before to increase knowledge retention.
    Currently teaching 2 p6 boys english and mathematics.

    Ms Tan: 22 year old female NUS FASS (Geography)

    Qualifications: 8 distinctions for A levels including H2 Geography. A for Pure Geography in O Levels
    Deans listed multiple times during my years in JC

    Experience: I have previously taught at both JC and Secondary School levels for over 2 years, teaching H2 Geography and Pure/Combined Geog.