5 Important Life Skills You Didn’t Learn in School

5 Important Life Skills You Didn't Learn in School - CocoTutors' Blog, home tuition, home tutor singapore, tuition agency, maths tuition, science tuition

Schools in Singapore are very rigorous in their academic curriculum; focusing solely on academics, less on things that prep you for life – Life Skills.

These are skills that are very essential for the survival for our work life; away from the shelters of our Parents and Schools, but are not taught in Schools.

Here are 5 Life Skills your Child should learn while they are still young (not taught in Schools!):

5 Important Life Skills You Didn't Learn in School Infographic - CocoTutors' Blog, home tuition, home tutor singapore, tuition agency, maths tuition, science tuition

1. The Value of Money

Many youths and even graduates these days, don’t know the value of money. Why? 

Most of us are born into families with plenty of disposable income – “comfortable.” Schools are not educating financial literacy as well.

These comfortable people (youths) tend to have bad spending patterns; often splurging on fancy dinners and taxi rides everywhere. A lack of financial literacy is how you can describe it. (See: How Much Can you Actually Make from Tuition)

Savings - 5 Important Life Skills You Didn't Learn in School, home tuition singapore, private tutor, singapore tuition, tuition agency

Youths are not taught on the value of money in School:

– How to manage debt 
– Whether it is a financially responsible purchase,
– Importance of savings,
– Adequate insurance coverage/protection, etc.

They only learn once the bills start piling up, and find out they are living beyond their means.


Enrol your Child for some financial literacy classes. Encourage entrepreneurship. Watch some educational/tuition videos on debt, money, insurance, and investments.

Schools in Singapore don’t teach us how to make financially responsible choices – we only learn after making mistakes or through other people’s experiences.

2. Interpersonal Communication Skills

Having great social skills a Life Skill that is the key to success in Life. 

Schools in Singapore don’t really focus much on developing social skills/public speaking ability – there are clubs/societies and different opportunities available, but is not compulsory.

The ability to connect well with everyone, no matter the difference in personalities is very important. People don’t remember what you say, but remember how you made them feel.

With great social skills, you will be able to make connections all the way from Primary, into your University days, even into your work life. Connections can really get you very far in life, if you are at the right place at the right time.


While you (or your kids) are still young, go out more often – events, networking events, and make more friends! 

Those pesky school events – you never know who you can meet there!

Expand your social circle. Get to know more people. Gain connections. You will also learn how to deal with difficult people in the process – a valuable life skill when you enter the workforce.

Life Skill on taking care of Health - CocoTutors' Blog, home tuition, home tutor singapore, tuition agency, maths tuition, science tuition

3. Health

Health is something we take for granted. We only seek help when we deteriorate in certain health aspects to the point where it is causing us physical/mental pain. 

It is when we are healthy that we should maintain/improve our health so we can decrease the risk of debilitating ourselves.

Oral Health

Oral/dental health is extremely important. Schools teach children at a young age how to brush/floss their teeth, but not enough is being done to emphasise the importance of it. 

Imagine talking to someone but their bad breath overwhelms you, and you are not even listening to what he/she says!

When you start developing cavities, decay, or other gum/teeth-related issues, you better take care of them quick. If not these issues will develop into a bigger problem and cost you much more than it already requires. Fillings, crowning, root canal, you definitely would not want to be visiting the dentist regularly for the later years of your Life.

Physical Health

You do not want to be the guy panting heavily after climbing a few steps. Every once in a while, we should all go to the gym, run, or even play your favourite sport! 

This will decrease the risk of heart disease and strokes, or more importantly, make you look more aesthetically pleasing.

Especially when you are in your teenage years (8-18 years old), it is best that you find a sport that you like so it will be easier to keep fit when you are older.

Nutrition - 5 Important Life Skills You Didn't Learn in School, home tuition singapore, private tutor, singapore tuition, tuition agency

Nutritional Health

Everyone should at least know the basics of nutrition – fat (saturated and unsaturated), carbs, protein, fibre, cholesterol and etc; so we are aware of what we are putting into our body.

Of course we have to eat everything in moderation as well – too much of good stuff may also be bad for you.

Mental Health

Mental Health is the health of your mental state – your thoughts, actions, reasoning etc. It is very important to stay on top of your mental health, to be very aware of the state of your mind.

If you are feeling down for whatever reason constantly, seek professional help or talk to a friend.


Visit the dentist once every 6 month for your bi yearly checkup/cleaning. Exercise regularly and consistently – need not be high intensity, consistency is more important.

Manage your diet, eat everything in moderation. Seek professional help if you are feeling depressed.

4. Rational Thinking

Youths also need to think logically and make rational decisions, instead of emotionally charged ones.

In Junior College, students are forced to think critically, through the subject General Paper (See: study tips). 

For every case, every scenario, they have to express and explain their opinion providing 5 points and counter-points for the Pro’s and Con’s in detail.

Emotional - 5 Important Life Skills You Didn't Learn in School, home tuition singapore, private tutor, singapore tuition, tuition agency

The benefits?

It stimulates critical thinking instead of mere one-sided thinking.

Everyday we make countless of decisions. When we don’t think through rationally, we make unwise choices. This can set us back a few steps – most of the times financially. (See: How to Find the Perfect Tutor)

5. Failure

Your child has to be alright with failure sometimes. Not in the sense that they are not putting in the effort thus failing, but more of when they try their hardest and still fail.

Learning from failure is one of the most important key takeaway life skill in Life. 

When we fail, we have to learn what is working, and what’s not working for us. (See: Ex-GEP/Elite School students, Where Are They Now?)

Failure - 5 Important Life Skills You Didn't Learn in School, home tuition singapore, private tutor, singapore tuition, tuition agency

For example in tests/exams: if you find out you are unable to answer all types of questions from a certain topic, you need to focus more on that topic the next time. (See: Should You Send Your Child for Tuition)

In studying for test/exams: if we find out reading aloud to memorise keywords and phrases is not working, use a different technique to memorise. 

Write it down 10 times. Or write it down 10 times and read aloud 10 times afterwards.


From failure, we have to learn to adapt and adjust, to tweak what we are doing to improve to produce better results. 

Life Skills You Don’t Learn in School

Above mentioned briefly are 5 Life Skills that are not taught in Schools. There are certainly more research to be done at each specific point, more that can be discussed in further detail. 

For example, Money is one big point on its own, almost impossible to learn everything thoroughly. But at the least, everyone should have the basic concept of money in mind – would certainly make your Life easier compared to learning it the hard way.

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