Can MOE School Teachers Give Tuition Outside School Hours? Answered

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Can teachers give tuition services?

In short: Yes, MOE School teachers can give tuition services outside of school hours.

However, the student CANNOT be from the same school that the teacher (tutor) is from. This is to prevent potential conflicts of interests arising from access to exam papers, etc.

There is also a 6 hour per week tuition limit for current MOE school teachers.

There are no limits for ex-MOE School teachers that have already left MOE and active teaching. Guidelines are only applicable to current MOE School teachers, still actively teaching in school.

Ex-/current- MOE School teachers are in high demand in the private tuition industry in Singapore, and can fetch rates of up to $120/h for 1-to-1 home tuition.

Question in Parliament:

To ask the Acting Minister for Education (Schools) how many teachers in primary and secondary schools currently give tuition after their working hours

Name and Constituency of Member of Parliament

Mr Seah Kian Peng, Marine Parade GRC

Official Response from MOE:

  1. MOE currently does not track the number of teachers who give tuition
  2. Teachers are allowed to provide private tuition outside of school hours, as long as it does not exceed 6 hours a week and does not adversely affect their work in school. They are not required to seek permission to do so
  3. MOE has an interest in ensuring that such activities do not adversely affect teachers’ ability to discharge their duties

(Source: MOE)


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