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Going to IP stream in Singapore is tough, high intellect and hard work will keep you there. The content and depth of content for IP stream requires a lot of understanding, with students learning other HL (High Level) subjects, then learning the A Level syllabus closer to Y3-Y6. 

International Baccalaureate (IB) is the examinations all International and some Independent Schools take, which are graded all over the World. They require proficiency in all HL subjects, in which the Certificate is recognised in almost every University in the world. Over the years, more and more students are opting for the IP/IB route, going the unconventional way instead of O Levels then A Levels.

Hence, this has resulted in an increase in demand for IP, IB Tuition in Singapore. However, this has resulted in finding a cheap and effective Tutor being difficult as many tutors are taken up in Singapore.

CocoTutors Tuition Agency is the No. 1 IP, IB Tuition Agency to find Tutors in Singapore. Our experienced Tutors specialise in IP Year 1 – 4, International Baccalaureate (IB), or IGCSE Tuition. Fill in our Request Form and choose from our List of Tutors with proven track records in the various subjects for the IP, IB syllabus. Send in a Tutor Request and pick from a List of Tutor Profiles a Tutor you would like to engage.

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 Pri 1-3Pri 4-6Sec 1-2Sec 3-4NASec 4-5NAJC1JC2
Undergraduate Tutors (Part-time Tutor)$20-$30$25-$35$30-$40$30-$45$35-$45$40-$60$45-$60
Full-time Tutors$30-$40$35-$50$35-$50$40-$60$45-$65$50-$70$60-$80
MOE/Ex-MOE School teacher$40-$60$45-$70$50-$70$60-$80$65-$95$90-$110$100-$120

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