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    Hi I am Jae! I am currently a Y1 FASS undergraduate at NUS. I graduated with an A for H2 History. I have been tutoring for over a year, and I specialise in tutoring Secondary-level History. I focus on writing techniques to score well.

    I am Russell, a Year 1 SMU’s BBA undergraduate programme. I graduated from TJC, with A in H2 History in 2 sittings. I have over 2 years of tutoring experience in both private tuition and tuition centres. My strongest subjects are PSLE English and History.

    Hi I am Joan, ex-MOE School teacher teaching History and Social Studies. I was the top scorer for English Literature, GP/English in SAJC and RVHS, and obtained Distinction for 4 years (1999-2002) in the International Competition for Schools (English Language). I have 8 years of teaching experience with MOE, 5 years of private tuition.

    Comprehensive List of Tutor Profiles for History Home Tuition Singapore

    Mrs Teo: 32 year old female Ex-MOE School teacher, 8 year tutoring experience

    – QualificationsDean’s list in NUS , MOE Teaching Award, Loughborough University, United Kingdom for University Exchange in 2007
    -Relief teaching at Chung Cheng High Yishun after my A levels, lower Secondary English & History

    Experience: 8 years of MOE teaching experience for History & Social Studies from Secondary 1 to 4

    Kyle: 23 year old male NUS Law Y3, 2 years tutoring experience

    Qualifications: Graduated Raffles Junior College in 2014, 3 A, A for H2 History.
    Currently studying in NUS Faculty of Law in my 3rd year.

    Experience: Taught 3 Sec 4 O level History. All A1 for History. Improved from 58 to 72 in 3 months, from 78 to 92 in a year.

    Ms Fong: 22 year old female NUS FASS History, 1 year tutoring experience

    Singapore Chinese Girls’ School (primary and secondary) – A1 for Pure History
    Anderson Junior College – A for H2 History, top in cohort for History for Promotional Exams and Prelims.

    Russell: 21 year old male Y1 SMU Undergraduate

    Qualifications: Temasek Junior College – Class of 2015 for the Singapore-Cambridge GCE “A” Levels, As in H2 History in two sittings.
    Temasek Secondary School – Class of 2012 for the Singapore-Cambridge GCE “O” Levels, Combined Humanities and OSIE Economics.

    Experience: My modus operandi is to emphasise on skills and techniques rather than the force-feeding of information, which to some extent, helps in the employment of information during tests and examinations.

    Heeren: 19 year old NUS FASS Y1

    Qualifications: Graduated from Victoria Junior College in 2017: 89/90 Rank points obtained for GCE A level Examinations
    Graduated from Tanjong Katong Girls’ School in 2015, 6 (-2) points obtained for GCE O level Examinations
    O LEVEL RESULTS 7 Distinctions, Pure History A
    A LEVEL RESULTS: 4 Distinctions, H2 History A
    Awarded the SINDA Excellence Awards for O levels, Topped the entire cohort for combined humanities (social studies + literature) in Secondary School