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    Hi I am Kah Huat. I graduated from NUS in Engineering. I have been teaching since JC, over 28 years of experience. I am very well versed in GCE O/A Levels, IP, IB and GCSE syllabus. I am a specialist in E/A Maths, Physics and Chemistry. I am able to analyze and pinpoint individual weak areas to ensure quick results.

    I am Tun Shien, currently a Year 1 undergraduate at NUS. I graduated Temasek JC with 5 Distinctions, A in H2 Chemistry. I obtained 8 Distinctions in the O Levels, being the top student in my Secondary school. I specialise in teaching Chemistry at the Upper Secondary and Junior College level.

    Hi I am Wei Heng, currently a Year 1 undergraduate at NTU studying Chemistry. I graduated from River Valley High School with an A for H2 Math and Chemistry. I have 1 year of experience in tutoring, and specialise in teaching Mathematics and Chemistry in Secondary and JC level.

    Comprehensive List of Tutor Profiles for Chemistry Home Tuition Singapore

    Mr Ong: 50s year old male Ex-MOE School teacher, 20 years tutoring experience

    – Qualifications: B.Sc (Chemistry) Hons (NUS), Dip Ed (NIE).
    Experience: taught o/a/ib /ip Chem for over 20 years. School(s): Monks hill / Woodland Sec ( sec 4) ACJCand JJC ( jc 1/2).

    Mr Kua: 35 year old male current MOE School teacher, 11 year tutoring experience

    – Qualifications: PDGE – Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Secondary School), A1 for Pure Chem, A & E Math for GCE O Levels
    Experience: I have been teaching since 2009, over 11 years of teaching experience. I currently teach Sec 3 & 4 Pure Chemistry and Biology, and also Sec 1 Science.
    I have teaching materials in ppt format to use during the lesson. Lesson notes are catered accordingly. In school, I teach the IP as well as the O level track.
    I’m also well trained to teach IP students, both the lower and upper secondary levels. Usually the teaching style and format is catered to the child’s learning ability

    Zane: 20 year old male A Level graduate currently in NS, 1 year tutoring experience

    Qualifications: Graduated from Catholic High School Secondary with 7 A1s and a raw L1R5 of 6 points.
    Graduated from Hwa Chong Junior College with UAP of 88.75 ( 4 H2 As and GP B.) Got A for H2 Physics, Chemistry, Math and Economics. Graduated Hwa Chong with all As, HCI Diploma with distinction and prestigious student award.
    Currently waiting to enter NUS Dentistry
    Experience: Am currently teaching J1 Math too, student from Hwa Chong.

    Marcus: 19 year old A Level graduate, currently in NS, 2 year tutoring experience

    Qualifications:Graduated from Unity Primary School with a PSLE score of 265
    Graduated from Raffles Institution (IP) with a GPA of 3.8 out of 4
    Graduated from Raffles Institution (JC) with A levels: H2 Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Economics A, H1 General Paper B, H1 Project Work A, H3 Chemistry Distinction
    A*Star Science Award (Secondary), Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad Gold, Singapore Chemistry Olympiad Silver

    ExperienceI have experience teaching IP Chemistry to 2 secondary 4 students.
    I previously taught olympiad-level Chemistry at Raffles Institution (JC)
    I will first go through the content using both mine and the tutees’ notes, followed by practice with exam questions.

    Ms Tay: 19 year old female NUS Y1 Undergraduate, 2 years tutoring experience

    Qualifications: Graduated from Hwa Chong Institution (College Section) and Nanyang Girls’ High School.
    For Mathematics, I maintained As for all my examinations in Junior College and was also in the top 10% for the Preliminary Examinations. For Chemistry, I maintained As and Bs for all my examinations in Junior College and was also in the top 10% for the Preliminary Examinations.
    In J1, I was offered to take up H3 Mathematics and Chemistry.
    Achieved A for both H2 Mathematics and H2 Chemistry at the GCE A Level Examinations.

    Experience: I am currently tutoring 2 JC2 students in Mathematics, and 1 JC2 student in Chemistry. I go through concepts with them, before guiding them on how to solve questions.

    Jun Hong: 22 year old male NTU Undergraduate, 2 years tutoring experience

    Qualifications: Temasek Junior College: 6 Distinctions, Straight As with merit in H3 Chemistry.
    Nanyang scholarship recipient

    ExperienceDedicated tutor and have experience in helping students overcome their difficulties in their learning. Will be able to provide with past year papers and important study notes for enrichment. I have 2 years experience in tutoring secondary school students. My students have improved from 23/100 to 71/100 and topped their classes. (can show testimonials as proof)

    Mr Lin: 22 year old male NTU Chemistry Undergraduate, 2 years tutoring experience

    Qualifications: Victoria School, 2014, 6 A1s.
    Victoria Junior College, 2016, 7 Distinctions, H2 Chem A, H3 Chem A.
    Nanyang Technological University, currently Year 2 undergrad in Chemistry. Holder of prestigious top-tier Nanyang Scholarship and top-tier CN Yang Scholarship, which is limited to the top 50 students of the cohort who are highly interested in interdisciplinary scientific research. For my most recent semester, I scored perfect GPA 5.00/5.00 with A+ in all my modules.
    I topped H2 Chem and UCLES H3 Pharmaceutical Chem in every examination during my two years at VJC.

    Experience: Currently a Chemistry undergrad in NTU, under the prestigious CN Yang Scholars Programme and holding the top-tier Nanyang Scholarship award. Doing research in an Organic Chemistry research lab.
    I have more than 2 years’ experience in tutoring with almost a year of full-time tutoring. I have helped students not just improve their grades, but also even enabled students to top their cohorts in tests and exams. After drilling the fundamental concepts, I will then also use a set of my own self crafted and self sourced questions to train you further in chemical concepts and skills to stretch your understanding, which in itself will solidify your foundation at the same time.
    I received a Silver Medal in the Singapore Chemistry Olympiad, and founded a programme where top J2 students in VJ (including myself) taught Olympiad/Uni-level Chem concepts to our J1s. This also helped me realise my passion for teaching and explaining concepts to students.

    Mr Teo: 50 year old male Full-time Tutor, 28 years tutoring experience

    Qualifications: Graduate from NUS in Engineering. Grades 2 and 3 for A/E maths.
    Experience: Have over 28 years of experience as a part time tutor since JC. Well versed with GCE O and A Levels, IP, IB and GCSE syllabus.
    Very experienced, inspiring and dedicated. Able to pinpoint and work with students in their weak areas to cut down learning curve leading to grades improvement to A or B.
    Summarizes notes for each topic for students in a very simple and concise manner and highlights the important points for each topic. Will go through difficult topics first which will allow students to have a better understanding of these harder topics when their teacher does go through them in class.
    Tuition material will be provided.
    Specialty subjects: A/E maths, Pure and Comb Physics & Chemistry