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    Hi I am Max. I am currently an undergraduate at NUS majoring in Biological Life Sciences. I graduated from NYJC with an A in H2 Biology. I was awarded the MOE Teaching Award in 2016 for a course in NTU-NIE to study for a Bachelor Of Science (Education) degree. I specialise in teaching H2 Biology.

    I am May, a Full-time Tutor with over 10 years of tutoring experience. I graduated from NTU with a Bachelors’ in Biological Sciences (Honours). I specialise in teaching H2 Biology and H2 Chemistry at the JC level, and also Chemistry and Biology at the Upper Secondary level.

    Hi, I am Qianyi, Year 2 Medicine student in NUS. I obtained 7 Distinctions at the A Levels, and have over 2 years of tutoring experience, currently tutoring 4 students. My strongest subjects are Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry.

    Comprehensive List of Tutor Profiles for Biology Home Tuition Singapore

    Mr Teo: current MOE School teacher, 16 year tutoring experience

    – Qualifications: Graduate from NUS in Cell & Molecular Biology, PDGE (NIE)
    Experience: MOE teacher (2009 to present), Tuition (2002 to present)
    Subjects taught: Physics, Chemistry, Biology

    Ms May: 31 year old female Full-time Tutor, 10 year tutoring experience

    Qualifications: Nanyang Technological University, Bachelor in Biological Sciences (Honors)
    University of UNSW Foundation Year (UFY)

    Experience: 10 years experience in education. My most recent memorable student is a student in Singapore Girl’s Home who was failing her sciences. For her O-levels last year, she achieved the only A in her examinations in Sciences! She got an A2. Both the student and the mum was very elated. This student is now pursuing her Polytechnic studies. I believe in teaching from the heart and providing key notes to aid in examinations along with a systematic, level-up pedagogy. Also, I firmly believe in the trinity of engaging both parent and student in this journey of learning to develop the best results.

    Ernest: 20 year old male NUS Y2 Medicine, 2 years tutoring experience

    QualificationsGraduated from HCI with 90 points and a distinction in H3 Biology. 8 Distinctions for A Levels.
    Experience: Previously given tuition as a CIP for my alma mater for 2 years.
    I enjoy keeping things simple and give more space for students to process rather than flooding them with information.

    Seah Yi: 22 year old male Y2 NUS Dentistry, 3 years tutoring experience

    Qualifications: 3.87 GPA for Raffles Institution
    AAAA/AA for A levels in Raffles Junior College for Biology, Chemistry, Math, Economics. General Paper and Project Work
    Top in Chemistry in Raffles Institution, Dean’s List for Raffles Junior College, Academic Excellence Award in Raffles Junior College
    Distinctions for Oral Biology and Biochemistry in NUS Dentistry
    Represented Singapore in the International Biomedical Olympiad, Merit Award for GIC Finance Day

    Experience: I have taught Chemistry and Bio for 3 years. So far, I have taught 2 A level Chem students and 1 A level Bio student, 1 IB student. In the secondary level, I have taught 2 O level and 1 N level student.
    My A level Chemistry students have gone from a U to an A and my IB student went from a 3/7 to a 6/7 for his final exams. I am able to provide testimonials if needed.
    My O level and N level students have managed to go from an F to a B and an A2 in their exams.
    I am more than happy to explain and answer questions over WhatsApp even if it is out of tuition time.

    Brandon: 24 year old male Y4 NUS Life Science, 2 year tutoring experience

    Qualifications: Hwa Chong Institution, Graduated 2012, A in H2 Biology, H2 Mathematics and H2 Chemistry
    NUS Studying Life Sciences (with specialisation in biomedical science), Current GPA/CAP: 4.54/5 (First Class Honours)

    Experience: I previously had 3 students. One was a Sec 4 kid from an IP school (taught Biology for 6 mths), one was a P6 kid (taught Science for a Year) and another a secondary 2 kid (taught lower secondary Science for 6 mths). I focused on answering techniques, but also try to expose students to unique application questions that they might face in line with the Ministry’s continued efforts in revamping the syllabus and examination formats. However, I will scale my teaching style according to the ability of the student (i.e. if student needs help in content mastery, that will be the focus).

    Theodore: 20 year old male A Level graduate, currently in NS, 1 year tutoring experience

    Qualifications: Graduated from Raffles Institution in 2015
    Scored Distinctions in all four H2 subjects offered (Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Economics)
    National Colors Award recipient, EESIS scholarship recipient

    ExperienceAmple Notes and Papers will be provided to supplement the student’s learning.
    I am a proactive tutor who will gladly cater my lesson to the needs and learning ability of each individual student.Through targeted learning, I am confident in helping my students strengthen their fundamental knowledge and improve their content mastery in the subject.
    I am matriculating into NUS in August 2018 as a Chemistry/Life Sciences undergraduate and prospective teaching scholar.