How to Apply for Tuition Assignments?

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After applying to be a Tutor with CocoTutors, you may be wondering how to apply for tuition assignments.

Here below is a guide not only on how to apply for tuition jobs, but as well as the following:

1. How to properly Apply for Tuition Assignments
2. How to increase chances of getting selected by Parent
3. What information do I require

By following the steps provided above, you will be guaranteed to have the highest chance of being selected for an assignment. (See: How Much Can You Actually Make From Tuition?)

1. How to Properly Apply for Tuition Assignments

For tuition assignments, we disseminate through the following Channels:

1. Telegram Channel – @CocoAssignments (most updated)
2. Whatsapp Group (only for Registered tutors)
3. Instagram – @CocoTutors (delayed)
4. Facebook – @CocoTutors (delayed)

You can view and apply for tuition assignments in our Telegram Channel/Whatsapp Group.

Tuition Assignments Telegram Channel - How to Apply for Tuition Assignments, home tuition, private tutor, tuition agency singapore

Tuition Assignments are updated with the above format, in both our Telegram Channel and Whatsapp Group.

All tuition details are provided in the message:

– Exact location (Postal code)
– Level & Subject
– Tuition Frequency (no. of lessons/week, no. of hours per lesson
– Preferred Timeslots
– Any special request from Parent

Below the tuition details for the assignment, is the standard application format which is provided for every assignment.

(a) Applying for Assignments

If you see an assignment you are interested in taking up, you can contact our agents directly (+65 9177 9055) with the application format:


Assignment code:
Are you a Registered Tutor: Y/N
Full name, NRIC:
Age, Gender, Current position:
Rates, timeslots:


If you are a registered tutor (on our website), you will only need to provide:

Assignment code:
Rates, timeslots:

Your application is successfully received if our agents respond with “Alright! We will update you should the Parent wish to proceed.”

2. How to Increase Chances of Being Selected by Parent

Most often Parents will look at your Qualifications and Experience, when deciding a tutor.

Your Tutor Profile you sent above (application format) is what the Parent sees when we send in a few Tutors for them to choose.

Tuition Assignments Tutor Profile - How to Apply for Tuition Assignments, home tuition, private tutor, tuition agency singapore

Look at your Tutor Profile.

If you were a Parent, would you hire yourself? If not, improve it and add details such that it appears more appealing and shows your capability.

(a) Model Tutor Profile

Below is an example of a Tutor Profile that is always selected by Parents:

(name revoked): 23, M, NUS Y3 Undergraduate
– Qualifications: PSLE 250
O Levels – 7 Distinctions, A1 for EMath, A1 for AMath
A Levels – 5 Distinctions, A for H2 Math
– Experience: 2 years tutoring experience, specialise in teaching Lower & Upper Secondary Math.
Taught 1 O Level AMath student from C6 > A1, Sec 3 AMath from D7 > A2. 
Currently teaching 2 Sec 4 O Level students
– $40/h, weekends

(b) Tutor Profile Improvements

From the above example, here are the following improvements you can make to better your chances:

– For Qualifications:

1. State number of Distinctions obtained (O Levels, A Levels)
2. State Grade obtained for Subject you are applying for
3. State any Academic Achievements – awards, competitions

– For Experience:

1. State Number of Years of Tutoring Experience
2. State Grade Improvements for previous students (F9 > A1, in 6 months)
3. State how many students currently (if any)
4. Describe teaching style
5. Add in if materials will be provided

By following the above format, as well as reasonable tuition rates, you should be getting an assignment really soon. (See: If You Do Not Have This, Don’t Be a Tutor)

3. What Information do I Require?

When applying for assignments, our coordinators will request for the following information for verification of credentials:

1. Academic Result Certificate (O Level, A Level)
2. PDGE/DipEd – if you are an MOE School teacher
3. Feedback from past/current students – if we require more verification on your capability

If you follow our steps above when applying for assignments – you will definitely get an assignment real soon.

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