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    Hi I am Shreya. I am currently a Y1 Mechanical Engineering student at NUS. I graduated with an IB diploma, 6/7 for HL English Literature, 3/3 for Theory of Knowledge. I got 6 distinctions in my IGCSEs, A* for English Language, A for English Literature.

    I am Mindy, a Full-time Tutor with over 9 years of teaching experience. I graduated with an A for General Paper, BBA with Merit from NUS, MBA at CSU (East Bay), MSC at UoW. I provide: customized lesson plan, clear and easy-to-understand explanations with key exam techniques to ace exams!

    Hi I am Alison Clara. I graduated from RI under the MOE Humanities Scholarship. I received Dean’s List for English Literature and General Paper. I graduated from RGS, Advanced Programme in English Literature, Recipient of M.N. Oehlers Top Arts Award, Top in Level for English in Sec 4 in RGS.

    Comprehensive List of Tutor Profiles for English Home Tuition Singapore

    Ms Teo: 32 year old Ex-MOE School teacher

    – Qualifications: Top scorer in English Literature, SAJC JC1 & 2, General Paper Programme (Top 10%). JC2, Speak Good English Quiz winner, JC1. Top scorer in English, River Valley High School. International Competition for Schools (English Language), Distinction, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999.
    Dean’s list in NUS, MOE Teaching Award.
    Relief teaching at Chung Cheng High Yishun after my A levels for lower Secondary English & History.

    Experience: 4 years of tutoring experience for English, 10 students from Primary 1 to Secondary 3. Deployed various strategies to develop interest in reading as the key to improving English Language results; the 4 students who had started at lower primary all attained A or A* at PSLE.

    Ling Xuan: 21 year old female Y3 NUS Undergraduate, 2 year tutoring experience

    Qualifications: Graduated from Nan Hua High with A2 in English and A1 in Literature in English.
    Graduated from Anderson Junior College with A in GP, Distinction in English in New South Wales exam.
    Currently, I possess a Second upper honours for my double major in History and Political Science in NUS whilst on an Scholarship
    ExperienceI have been teaching English tuition for 2 years now. So far, I have had a total of 8 students who have all been very pleased with my tutoring. I am friendly and patient, willing to explain something in numerous ways at any pace, as long as the student understands. If the student and the parent are willing to cooperate with me, I can improve their English.

    Ms Sng: 20 year old NTU English Major, 2 year tutoring experience

    Qualifications: Graduated from Meridian Secondary as the Top Scorer for Pure English Literature, O level standard. Achieved Top Scorer for English Literature in lower and upper secondary during secondary school days.
    Debater in Meridian Secondary and won the National Debating Championships as the Top 20 Speaker.
    A for H2 Literature, B for General Paper for A levels 2016.

    Experience: I recently taught a Y3 IP student Language Arts and under my tutelage. Student scored from a B4 to an A1 during her final year exams. I have also assisted a Chinese student with her humanities and english by employing relevant analytical skills gained from the teachers in Anderson Junior College. Currently, I am still tutoring the IP student LA and am more inclined towards teaching her the skills and examples to use in expository and argumentative writing which is essential as they progress into higher tertiary standards. I am also tutoring a pair of twins primary 5 English and they’ve improved tremendously as they used to fail all segments of their papers. Right now, they’re getting Bs. I am more used to teaching the techniques rather than going straight to giving the answer to students. I first try to understand their learning disabilities and attempt to constantly question them so that they’re able to draw links between concepts and ideas. This will help them to form their own opinions as well as understand what they’re studying better.

    Jerica: 20 year old female NUS FASS Undergraduate, 1 year tutoring experience

    Qualifications: Graduated from MJC in 2017, A for General Paper
    Graduated from SCGS in 2015, A for English
    Graduated from St. Hildas’ Primary School in 2011, A* for English
    Experience: I focus my teaching on English and General Paper. My teaching style includes a lot of communication and discussions about current affairs between me and my student, and to help sharpen the thinking and reasoning abilities of my student especially in terms of literacy and written expression.

    Ms Lee: 50 year old female Full time Tutor, 10 years tutoring experience

    Qualifications: PLMGS, NYJC Debate, NUS (Honours)
    ExperienceI have 10 years’ experience/over 5000 hours (2000-2010) of English teaching to locals and foreigners (students ages 10-18, Primary to JC) with one to one and class experience.
    My tutor skills are to set learning goals, clarify learning problems, refine study skills, review class homework, discuss text understanding or introduce/update current issues, inculcate analytical critical or higher order thinking skills, improve students’ writing with diverse ideas, better vocabulary, correct grammar.

    Gloria: 24 year old female NTU English Literature Graduate, 5 year tutoring experience

    QualificationsO Level English and Pure/Full Literature (2010): A1
    Graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Diploma in Mass Communication in 2014: GPA of 3.49 out of 4.
    Obtained Faculty’s Dean list (NTU HSS, English) in 2014 and 2015. Prior to this, I was also on the Ngee Ann Polytechnic Director’s List

    Experience: Since 2012, I have been actively teaching English while studying. I have taught 7 students English in total so far. In 2016, I was preparing one student for PSLE and two for O Levels. The PSLE student achieved an A for PSLE English, improving from the B he was getting in school previously. Meanwhile, one of my O Level students attained a B3 in English after averaging a C6/C5 in school. The other finally passed English with a C6 after having taken it the past couple years with an E8/D7. I hope to be able to help more students in the same way.