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    Hi I am Jonathan Ong, currently a Year 2 Medicine student at NUS. I graduated with 4H2 A’s in PCME, and was consistently top 80 percentile for Mathematics, Physics and Economics throughout JC. I have about 2 years of tutoring experience, and I specialise in teaching H2 Economics. 

    I am Mindy, a Full-time Tutor with over 9 years of teaching experience. I graduated with an A for General Paper, BBA with Merit from NUS, MBA at CSU (East Bay), MSC at UoW. I provide: customized lesson plan, clear and easy-to-understand explanations with key exam techniques to ace exams!

    Hi I am Angelica, a female NTU undergraduate majoring in Economics with a 4.5 cGPA. I obtained A in H2 Economics for the A Levels, and tutored a Diploma student Quantitative Analysis and Economics modules. I specialise in teaching H1/H2 Economics at the JC level.

    Comprehensive List of Tutor Profiles for Economics Home Tuition Singapore

    Mr Jet: male Current School teacher

    1st Class Hons Economics Graduate from London School of Economics. Current school teacher.

    Current Polytechnic lecturer, previous JC School teacher

    Currently with republic polytechnic lecturing econs. Certified by NIE and been teaching econs for 20 years. Been teaching econs crash course for past 15 years. have been a school teacher for past 11 years. Before that I was doing econs tuition since graduation.

    Yi Hui: 19 year old male A Level graduate, currently in NS

    Qualifications:8 distinctions for A levels including H2 Geography, Math, Economics and H1 Chemistry and GP.
    Deans listed multiple times during my years in JC

    Chee Yong: 23 year old male Y3 NTU Economics, 2 year tutoring experience

    Qualifications: Graduated from Nanyang Junior College (NYJC) in 2013 and attained Distinction in Economics, Project Work and Physics for A Levels. I am currently a Year 2 student in Nanyang Technological University.
    Experience: I previously taught a J2 Student on H2 Economics. His grade improved from ‘C’ in Prelims to ‘A’ in A Levels.
    I got an A for both A Levels H2 Economics and the module on Principle Of Economics in Nanyang Technological University.

    Nigel: 22 year old male NUS Y2 Economics

    Qualifications: Graduated from JJC with 4H2 A’s and 88.75 rank points, A for H2 Economics.
    Studying economics in NUS, with core GPA of 5.0

    Experience: Teaching JC Economics since 2016, still currently teaching 2 students.
    Style revolves around real-life examples, stories, case-studies and essay breakdown & analysis

    Serene: 32 year old female Full-time Tutor

    SMU BBA Graduate. 8 years of private tutoring exp (H2 Chem, Physics, Math) including 2 years of relief in VJC, Have conducted JC1 Promo exams crash course & JC2 A levels crash course for various subjects (H2 Econs/ Math/ Chem).

    Josiah Tan: 20 year old male A Level graduate

    Qualifications: A levels 90 RP, 7 Distinctions, subject combi was GELM, Hwa Chong Humanities Programme, offered a place in UCL geography and economics.
    Experience: taught 2 econs students, Both J1 students last year, started in about June to November.
    1st one from D to B. 2nd one from S to C.