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5 Signs You are a Problematic Parent

Imagine paying only $3.50 haircut by a barber, but demanding for the expertise of a renowned hairdresser and stylist, with complimentary wash and massage - sounds great? No. Don't do this. Parents who do this…


What is a Tuition Agency?

Exactly what is a Tuition Agency, and how does it work? You have seen countless agencies offering home tuition services all over the internet, but you are not sure what to expect from them, let alone…

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Home Tuition or Online Tuition?

In recent years, a new category for Tuition in Singapore has emerged - Online Tuition. Online Tuition is where tuition is conducted through the use of a video-call application between Tutor and student on a computer.…


Male or Female Tutor?

Male or Female Tutor? Think of a Female teacher. What do you visualise? Is she a kind, friendly, endearing and patient, young female tutor that cares for your Child's education? Now think of a Male…

Dangers of Home Tuition
Credits: CNA

Dangers of Home Tuition

Credits: CNA "Physics Teacher had indecent relationship with Student, 15, sentenced to Jail" Young kids are impressionable, often learning and picking up things from people that they are frequently in contact with. What would be…