15 Interview Questions to Ask Your Tutor

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Key Interview Questions to Ask Your Tutor

(Written by a parent that hired 2 tutors from CocoTutors)

As a concerned parent that has several hit-or-miss experiences with tutors in the past with other agencies, I usually try to interview tutors before hiring them officially, as tuition rates can be expensive.

Before the First Lesson

Before confirming with them to start the first lesson with my child, I usually request CocoTutors to allow me to have a quick call with the tutor. Based on the tutor profile I received, I will ask them some relevant questions and gauge their responses to see if they are suitable. 

This would just be a quick introductory call, nothing too pressurising for the tutor. After all, they could be reading off a script, or doing something else that might hinder their responses. 

I usually leave the main questions to after the first lesson to ask the real questions (also confirming they are not on the Singapore tutor blacklist)

After the First Lesson

Directly after the first lesson ends, I will speak with the tutor before he/she leaves for the day.

The reason why I ask the questions after the lesson is because the tutor would already roughly understand the quality and level of understanding that my child has – and whether they have the solution on how to improve.

This would be an informal interview that I use to gauge the suitability of the tutor (together with feedback from my child)

List of Interview Questions to Ask Tutors:

I have many questions to ask a potential home tutor for my child. Here are 15 interview questions I would ask the tutor:


  1. What qualifications do you have in teaching?
  2. What experience do you have in teaching?
  3. What is your approach to teaching?
  4. How do you plan and prepare for lessons?
  5. How do you assess progress and give feedback?
  6. What strategies do you use to motivate and engage students?
  7. How do you handle difficult behaviour?
  8. What resources do you use to support learning?
  9. How do you communicate with parents?
  10. What do you think makes you a good tutor?


  1. How do you customize your teaching approach to meet the individual needs of each student?
  2. How do you ensure that students understand the material you are teaching?
  3. How do you handle challenging situations or difficult students?
  4. What do you do to stay up to date on the latest teaching methods and materials?
  5. What do you think sets you apart from other home tutors?

The search for the perfect tutor is a difficult one, including evaluating the tutor’s performance. This includes observing the tutor’s teaching methods, evaluating the student’s progress, and providing feedback to the tutor. The specialist noted that this is an important step in the process, as it allows them to ensure that the tutor is providing the best possible instruction for the student.

Overall, it is clear that the process of selecting a tutor is a complex one. It requires careful consideration of the tutor’s qualifications, an in-depth interview, and an evaluation of the tutor’s performance. With the right approach, however, it is possible to find the perfect tutor for the job


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