1. Select Tuition Assignments

Apply and view all our tuition assignments through our Telegram Channel @CocoAssignments

2. Register Tutor Profile

If it's your first time on our platform, you will be redirected to register a Tutor Profile with our Telegram bot!

**Note: You can add your Tutor Profile directly on our Telegram channel, no need for registration on our website!

3. Assignment Confirmation

Our agents will liaise with you to arrange the first lesson after the Parent selects and confirms you as the tutor!

Frequently asked questions

Simply fill our Tutor Application form, submit your application, and wait for our coordinators to contact you via Whatsapp.
We will judge your application based on different sets of criteria to deem if you are capable of delivering quality tuition services to our tutees.

The application will take roughly 5 minutes to complete. It is recommended that you submit supporting documents to verify your credentials. This would speed up the process of your application.

Your tutor application will take some time for processing and reviewing to deem if you are fit to be a Home Tutor and to provide excellent home tuition services to the tutees. This process ranges from 1h – 1 week. 

Processing may take a longer time due to overwhelming amounts of applications, we need to review whether these Tutor Profiles have passed our criteria and screening metrics before becoming a Tutor with CocoTutors.

Daily updates of new tuition assignments will be up on our IG @cocotutors (https://www.instagram.com/cocotutors), and also on our Telegram Channel (https://t.me/CocoAssignments)

Tutors are to indicate their interest on the assignment, thereafter Parent will pick a Tutor they would like to engage from a List of Tutor Profiles provided to them. You will only be informed if the Parent decides to engage you/find out more about you.

Join our Telegram Channel to receive immediate updates of new tuition assignments.

(a) Long-term (3 months and longer)
CocoTutors will collect 50% of tuition fees from first 4 weeks of active lessons* as commission feesThe first 2 weeks of tuition fees (50% of first month) is paid to CocoTutors, thereafter tuition fees will be paid to tutors directly from the Parent. This is barring any changes to the tuition details (hourly rate, tuition frequency, hours per lesson, etc.). 
Should there be any changes to tuition details, we will adjust the Commission amount such that both Tutor and Agent receives 50%. This is as part of our Commission Policy.

(b) Short-term assignments (2 months or less)
CocoTutors will collect 30% of tuition fees from the first 4 weeks of active lessons* instead. The first 2 weeks of tuition fees (50% of first month) is paid to CocoTutors, thereafter 20% will be transferred to the Tutor, via bank transfer.
This is to facilitate easier payment for lessons by the Parent.

* First 4 weeks of active lessons refer to agreed tuition frequency per week for 4 weeks. For e.g, if agreed tuition frequency is 2 lessons/week, hence in 4 weeks, a total of 8 lessons would be completed. We would thus collect 50%, which is 4 lessons worth of tutor fees as part of our agent commission fees, directly from the tutee. You are to facilitate payment upon request from CocoTutors.
*** IMPORTANT: if there are any changes in tuition frequency such as additional lessons, please do inform your respective tuition coordinators from CocoTutors so we can adjust the Commission amount.

Tuition jobs/assignments may not be sent to you due to various reasons: 

  • Your tuition preferences may be too difficult to be matched: your hourly rate is too high, you do not have verified credentials; send your accompanying documents to [email protected], your location availability has no requests; pick more locations, your timings are too infrequent; pick more timeslots
  • You are deemed to be unfit to continue as a tutor: you have consistently scored low on the tutor points system, and received many bad reviews indicating that you are incapable of delivering excellent home tuition services to our tutees. Hence we have taken you off the list of available tutees.

Alternatively, you can check our IG @cocotutors for daily updates on tuition assignments!

You may not have received a successful assignment so far due to the following factors:

  1. Your Tutor Profile
  2. Hourly Rates
  3. Timeslots

The most important factor determining if a Tutor gets the assignment is how appealing their Tutor Profile is; their Qualifications, Experience portion when they fill in when registering to be a tutor
Parent will choose a Tutor based on the Tutor Profiles provided; so the reason why you may not be selected is because the Parent believes that based on your Tutor Profile, you are not capable to provide quality tuition based on your qualifications & experience than compared to other Tutors.

Other reasons why you have not been chosen so far is because your rates and time slots are unfavourable or unsuitable for the Parent; either too high or too out of place.

Change either one and you will have a higher chance of a successful assignment, change all 3 and you will definitely have a successful assignment.

After tutors have indicated interest in taking up the subject, we will send out the Tutor Profiles to the Parent,  and the Parent will select a one, or a few, out of the many Tutors that indicated interest. 

We will contact only the Tutors if they have been selected by the Parent, or if the Parent has indicated interest in the Tutors.

tldr; we will only update you should the Parent choose you!

Congratulations! You have received your first successful tuition assignment. Here is a list of things (not exhaustive) you should do to prepare for the first lesson:

  • Familiarise yourself with the syllabus
  • Prepare flow of lesson and delivery 
  • Prepare notes, create a study plan/timeline until examinations
  • Identify suitable assessment books for tutee to practice (obtain approval and permission from both tutee and parents before purchasing)
  • Be on time!

Inform us immediately and stop providing tuition services to tutee until the amount due is paid.

If tuition is still within first month of active lessons, we will pay out 50% according to amount of lessons conducted, as per our Commission Policy.
If tuition is after first month of active lesson, you may file a report with CASE or Small Claims Tribunal if amount surpasses $200.

It is your duty as the tutor to maintain a healthy and strong relationship with tutee and their parents, so as to sustain a working and ethical partnership.