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Payment Methods:

POSB/DBS PayLah!, iBanking, Cash Deposit, ATM transfer

POSB SAVINGS 421-66212-6

PayLah! +65 9177 9055

An official email invoice will be sent to you once tuition details are confirmed, after requesting a Tutor. You are required to make payment via the payment methods as stated above before the due date. Late payments above 1 weeks will be subjected to a $50.00 late fee.

The due date for payment, which is stated on the official invoice, is 2 days after completion of first 2 weeks of active lessons (i.e 1st lesson is on 1 Jan, due date would be 17 Jan).

  • Our Service is Free for Parents/Students looking for a Tutor.

The agent commission fees will not be levied onto Parents/Students looking for a Home Tutor. The commission fees will only be levied onto Tutors via tuition fees, but parents must facilitate the process of payment to CocoTutors. 

  • How much are the Agent Commission Fees?

CocoTutors will collect 50% of tuition fees from first 4 weeks of active lessons* as commission feesThe first 2 weeks of tuition fees (50% of the first month) is paid to CocoTutors, thereafter tuition fees will be paid to Tutors directly from the Parents. This is as part of our Commission Policy.

You, as tutees, are to make payment to CocoTutors by the due date stated on the official email invoice. A S$50.00 late fee will be charged if payment is made after 1 week after the due date.

* First 4 weeks of active lessons refer to agreed tuition frequency per week for 4 weeks. For e.g, if agreed tuition frequency is 2 lessons/week, hence in 4 weeks, a total of 8 lessons would be completed. We would thus collect 50%, which is 4 lessons worth of tutor fees as part of our agent commission fees, directly from the tutee. 
*** IMPORTANT: if there are any changes in tuition frequency such as additional lessons, please do inform your respective tuition co-ordinator from CocoTutors.

  • How do I make payment to CocoTutors?

Payment can be made to CocoTutors to the bank account and payment methods as stated above.

  • When do I need to pay by?

CocoTutors will send you an official invoice via email after confirming of tuition details (first lesson, hourly rate, tuition frequency). You have to make payment before the due date stated on the invoice, which will be +2 days from the last tuition on second week.

Late payments (1 week after due date) will incur a $50.00 late administration fee.

Please read our FAQ section in addition to this page. You can also read our Terms & Conditions for full information.

You are reminded to pay on time, or you may be subjected to the following:

  • Administrative fees
  • Filing CASE, Small Claims Tribunal
  • Filing of Police Report
  • Private debt collectors to collect amount as stated on invoice
  • Revealing of your particulars online


Customers and users of CocoTutors are reminded to be ethical clients and maintain a healthy relationship with CocoTutors to ensure continual usage of our services offered.