Why You Should Register with a Tuition Agency Instead

tuition agencies home tuition cocotutors math tuition science tuition secondary school tuition o level tuition Why You Should Register with Tuition Agencies Instead

Are you a Tutor looking for Singapore Tuition Assignments to take up, and start earning some cash as a Freelance/Part-time/Ad-hoc Tutor? (See: How to Become a Tutor)

Are you posting on Facebook Tuition groups, putting Carousell/Gumtree Listings, asking friends and relatives in hopes of getting a Home Tuition Assignment, but only have 1 tuition assignment or worse, none at all?

Here is why you should register with a Tuition Agency to find tuition assignments instead, if you actually can be an effective tutor:

Agent Commission

Agent Commission are the fees you pay in return for getting a student or tuition assignment through an agency.

Costs are incurred by the agency instead in getting the assignment – through ads, word-of-mouth, etc.

Around half the Commission is used to pay off marketing bills offset by the agent.

(a) Paying Commission

Tutors would gladly skip the payment of Commission (50% of first month) to the tuition agent, so they can maximise their earning.

Commission - Why You Should Register with a Tuition Agency Instead - Agent Commission, home tuition, singapore tuition agency, private tutor

But is it really worth it in the long run?

Compare the Commission amount of 50% of the first month when looking at a assignment over 2 years, the Commission amount would be negligible. (See: How Much Can You Actually Make From Tuition?)

Why worry about the short term losses (first 2 weeks), when the gains over the long term makes it negligible?

Benefits of Registering with a Tuition Agency

Compared to looking for assignments through word-of-mouth, you will also be able to receive and take on way more tuition assignments when you register with a Tuition Agency. 

There is a limit as to how far word-of-mouth can bring you (which also depends on your influence). 

(a) Agency’s Marketing Budget

Why not let Tuition Agencies with Big Marketing Budgets do the work for you instead? They have the capability and expertise in attracting Parents/students.

Market Budget - Why You Should Register with a Tuition Agency Instead - Agent Commission, home tuition, singapore tuition agency, private tutor

Some of our A Level graduates have received over 4 assignments from us while waiting for University/serving NS. 

Are the Agent Commission Fees stopping you from being like them? 

The Commission Fees should be the least of your worries, since only the first 2 weeks of fees would be taken away from you. You can use the time instead to educate students/tutees on more important information:

– JC Subject Combination Guide
– Guide to Secondary 3 Subject Combination Exercise
– 5 Things to Consider before Choosing Schools in 2019.

Horror Stories of Tuition Agents

Heard of stories of Tuition Agencies not paying their Tutors, delaying payment, and similar issues giving Home Tuition Agencies a bad reputation

CocoTutors has a different Commission Policy that prevents all these scenarios from happening.

CocoTutors collects the first 2 weeks of tuition fees (50% of the first month) directly from the Parent. Tutors will get paid starting from the 3rd week onwards from the Parents directly.

Hence, there is minimal chance for payment issues since no money is being passed through between Tutor and Agent. The Parent will be the one paying directly to either party!

Don’t deprive yourself of Tuition Assignments to your earning ability!

Considering being a Tutor? Register with CocoTutors today!

Register Now and Start receiving Tuition Assignments!


Miriam is part of the team that operates CocoTutors: #1 Home Tuition Agency in Singapore. We connect Parents and students to Tutors, via our tuition-matching system. You can try out our services at (www.cocotutors.com/) or by calling +65 9177 9055 directly.

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