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Singapore Tutor Blacklist

Here is a List of blacklisted Tutors, Tuition Agencies, and Parents (abuse of Services, refuse to pay tuition fees, skip Commission, bad attitude, etc.). The aim of this List is not to humiliate, embarrass, or harm any individual/party in any way, shape or form, but to safeguard the rights and improve the welfare of our Home Tutors, private tutors and Parents in Singapore.

Tutor Blacklist:

  1. “Ms Pang”, +65 9***7562
    Impersonation of public/civil servant, cheating
    – Applied to be a Tutor claiming to be a Current MOE School teacher, unable to provide MOE email address, provided a fake MOE Teacher’s Pass/Singapore Public Service Pass. Upon further digging, found exact same picture of Teacher’s Pass at a MOE Teacher’s personal wordpress blog – which was public, and could be found if you searched keywords along the lines of “Singapore Public Service MOE”, “MOE Teachers Pass” on Google Images.
  2. Michelle Lim Qing Yu “Zc0rpi0l0rd”
    – Backed out of tuition the day before the first lesson, citing current students would like to have that timeslots instead. No response/MIA even after suggesting a few solutions to help absolve the problem, Parent left without a Tutor at a very crucial period a month before the End-of-Year examinations.

Parent Blacklist:

  1. “Mrs Lim”, “Avia Lim”,  +65 9***1358
    Abuse of our Services
    – Requested for only Free Trials for daughter, Avia Lim. When Tutors arrived at the arranged location for tuition (Free Trial), uncontactable the entire day through Calls/text/Whatsapp, Our Tutors left stranded at the location with no formal answer, eventually left after waiting for 30-45 mins. Only replied early in the morning or very late at night to confirm details. Explained that it was due to family problems/emergency hence being uncontactable.
    Also on multiple occasions, 5 min before the Free Trial was scheduled to start, cancelled at the last minute indicating unable to make it due to “family issues/problems”, Tutor had to head back home when they have already reached the location.
    – Out of 9 Tutors that agreed to provide a Free Trial, only 2 tutors (first 2) successfully conducted the Free Trial. The other 7 were no-shows/cancelled/rescheduled for another day and eventually cancelled.