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2018 Guide: How to Save Money on Tutors from Tuition Agencies?

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How to find a Good Home Tutor that will improve my Child's grades, without burning a big hole in my pockets?

In 2018, there are a multitude of Tuition Agencies to choose from. Type “home tuition” in Google Search and there will be literally hundreds of tuition agencies claiming to offer “Quality tutors”, “PROVEN results”, and “10,000 active tutors.”

Surely you do not want to engage a tutor and be like this “Kids with Tuition fare worse“. In this case, how do we choose between the many tuition agencies and ensure that our money is maximised to obtain the best Tutor for our Child? (See: market tuition rates, 2018)

Coming from a Tuition Agency myself, there are some practices and business models I know of that other agencies employ to increase their profit margins, and rake in more money for their own benefits at the cost of the customers (You).

Here are some of these practices that may break your bank:

  1. Up-selling by recommending Full-time Tutor/Ex-School Teachers
  2. Miscellaneous costs (shadow costs) by Tuition Agency to suck more money out of You

1. Tuition agencies may push or recommend you to look for a Full-time Tutor or an ex-MOE School Teacher, in order to milk more commission fees out of you by making you pay more.

We all know how tuition agencies/coordinators make their money: Take 50% of the first month, then off you go. (See: What is a Tuition Agency?) So in order to increase their sales/numbers, they can employ these tactics: match with a tutor with higher hourly rate, encourage more hours, or encourage higher frequency (more lessons in a week). This way, they can maximise what they collect out of the first month.

In this article however, we will explain how a tuition agency matches with a tutor with higher hourly rates (See: market tuition rates), and how Undergraduate Tutors can help your Child equally as much as Full-time Tutors/Ex-School Teachers. (See: Part-time/Full-time Tutors or MOE teachers?)

As a start, tuition agencies may push for these Full-time Tutors/Ex-School Teachers which may cost you back starting from $60/h all the way up to $120/h. This way, they would be able to collect way more out of the 50% of the first month than compared to the $30/h Experienced Undergraduate Tutors (now this $30/h seems small when you compare with the big guys). Now what if I told you this: Experienced Undergraduate Tutors can be equally as effective (or more effective) than full-time tutors/ex-school teachers, in which the former will cost you 2 times lesser PER HOUR than the latter. (See: Sample List of CocoTutors’ Tutor Profiles)

Barring the fact that the latter has a lot more experience in teaching, and in some cases may be better and more effective than experienced Undergraduate Tutors (See: Math Tutors), part-time tutors are capable of producing the same if not better results. Since these tutors have recently gone through the same examination on the same syllabus, they would know what concepts and content are important, and also identify more challenging topics they themselves struggled at (See: Benefits of Home Tuition). Hence providing adequate guidance on how they managed to overcome and etc. These home tutors can also provide exam skills and pointers, things to look out for, how to interpret questions, to ensure your Child is able to answer every question with precision.

Full-time tutors/ex-school teachers on the other hand may have less of an idea of what question types or which concepts may be harder for the average student to grasp, since they go through every topic over and over like clockwork every new semester,  in which they might just graze the surface of the question, hence students don’t even know what they don’t know.

Bottom line: Experienced, Undergraduate Tutor (50-60% savings)

2. Find a Tuition Agency that allows a FREE change in Tutors

Should any bad thing happen during the tuition (incompatibility between Child and Tutor, different teaching styles/learning styles), and you have signed a contract with a tuition agency; your Child will not benefit for the entire month and instead waste your Child’s time, the Tutor’s time, and also your hard-earned money. (See: #1 Thing to Avoid when Hiring from Tuition Agencies)

It is really simple how to avoid this scenario from happening. Simply, find another tuition agency that allows a more flexible arrangement. (See: 4 Types of Home Tutors we should Avoid)

Should in any case our recommendation of an Experienced Undergraduate home Tutor not work out the first time/you are not seeing any results in your Child/your Child is giving you feedback that the tutor is not doing his/her job right, request for a change in tutor (See: Guide on How to Request for Tutors).

You will definitely be able to find the Perfect Tutor for your Child. You will start seeing results in your Child and your Child upon seeing improvements will also be motivated and competitive to want to achieve more. (See: How Sec 2 Streaming affects your Future)

Look for Home Tuition for your Child now! Results PROVEN.

Above all that I have mentioned earlier, CocoTutors is established as the Leading Tuition Agency in Singapore with fresh Experienced, Undergraduate Tutors, teaching all subjects from P1 – JC2, from $25/h to $50/h. We also allow for a Change in Tutors should you ever request for a change, with no limit on the number of times you change, as long as you find the right fit.

CocoTutors: Home Tuition Agency – carefully reviews, select and interview potential Tutors before accepting them to join CocoTutors as a Tutor. Usually, we also do request Tutors to provide feedback/recommendations from their past/current students, hence ensuring that Tutors from CocoTutors only uphold the high standards and are able to provide quality and effective tuition for your Child. Our Undergraduate Home Tutors start from $25-50/h, depending on Qualifications & Experience. Start with a Free Tutor Search now!

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