How Much Does a Tutor Cost?

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Tuition can be really expensive in Singapore, “Mum spends $2000 per term on tuition“. Afterall, tuition is a $1 billion industry in Singapore. 

Hiring a tutor can get really expensive, so how can we find affordable yet effective tuition for our children?

There are many tuition options available for students in Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary, to Junior College levels. From Home Tuition, Tuition Centres, Online Tuition, enrichment classes, Parents are spoiled for choices. 

Cost of a Tutor

Parents usually enrol their children into different courses to assess their suitability – whether it works out for their child.

Most importantly when getting tuition is that money should not be the main concern over prioritising your boy/girl’s Education. 

Ponder over this: is it worth saving that few extra $10-20/h for a less effective tutor, over one that has a proven track record for producing results? (See: 12 Study Tips from a Top Scorer)

Tuition Rates

The (hourly) rates will vary depending on the tuition option, i.e home tuition, tuition centre.

Tuition rates are further affected by 3 factors: 1-to-1 tuition or Group tuition, type of tutor, and level & subject of tuition.

Tuition Rates: How Much Can You Actually Make from Tuition - CocoTutors' Blog. education blog Singapore tuition agency home tuition singapore
Tuition Rates - CocoTutors: Home Tuition Agency

Above shown are the rates for Home Tuition for the different types of Levels & experience of Tutors. You can find tutors that are willing to do a cheaper rate than shown above as well, but you have to be wary as often times they are ineffective.

If you are able to and have been producing results, will you settle for a below average or even average rate?

1-to-1 Tuition or Group Tuition

Group tuition will be cheaper than 1-to-1 Tuition; the teacher is unable to provide personalised help in group settings. Classes can range from 3 up to 10 students. 

In 1-to-1 Tuition, all the help and attention will be focused onto the student since there is only 1 student. 

Level & Subject

Rates will definitely be more expensive for the higher levels (Upper Secondary, Junior College) than compared to the lower levels.

This is because of the increased difficulty, and requirements of the syllabus – almost anyone can teach Primary level, but only a few can teach Junior College H1/H2 subjects.

Type of Tutor

How Much Does a Tutor Cost - Tuition Rates table, CocoTutors' Blog, home tuition, private tutor singapore, maths tuition, science tuition, home tuition singapore
Tuition Rates table - CocoTutors: Home Tuition Agency

How Much Does a Tutor Cost?

Undergraduate/A Level graduate Tutors are highly qualified, have around 1-3 years of tutoring experience. 

These Part-time Tutors rates start from $20/h for Lower Primary, up to $60/h for Junior College level.

Full-time Tutors start from $30/h up to $80/h, while MOE School teachers’ rates (NIE certified) are from $50/h, up to $120/h. (See: How to Become a Tutor?)

What Tuition should I engage for my Child?

Ultimately, only your Child understands what works best for themselves. What kind of learning/teaching style suits them best, which one produces the best results. (See: How to Find the Perfect Tutor)

The best option would be to try out the different options, and feel out which one your Child prefers. Here are some Pro’s and Con’s of the tuition options present:

Note: Don’t save that few extra dollars but sacrifice the distinction/your Child’s education.

Tuition Centres

Most tuition centres are operated by ex-MOE School teachers. These tutors are NIE-trained and certified, having served in a MOE School officially before.

Some centres are opened by Full-time Tutors that have established a brand name for themselves. 

Tuition Centre - How Much Does a Tutor Cost - home tutor, private tutor, Singapore, tuition agency

Usually tuition centres are cheaper as it is group tuition, and travelling costs are borne on the student. This is excluding reputable tuition centres which charge a premium rate for tuition.

Of course, you may not be receiving the adequate help you require depending on your learning needs. (More information on: Home Tuition or Tuition Centres?)

Home Tuition

Undergraduates/A Level graduates, Full-time Tutors, both current and ex-MOE School teachers provide 1-to-1 Home Tuition. The travelling costs are borne on the tutor.

Home tuition rates can start from $20/h in Primary level up to $60/h for Junior College for Undergraduates/A Level graduates. 

They can also go up to $120/h for current MOE School teachers. (Reason why tutors charge so much for tuition: Part-time Tutors, Full-time Tutors or MOE teachers)

Home Tuition - How Much Does a Tutor Cost - home tutor, private tutor, Singapore, tuition agency

Additional benefits from Home Tuition

Value added services Home Tuition Agency offers:

  1. Able to change tutors anytime if unsuitable, finding the tutor that suits them best
  2. No Commitment Period
  3. Tutor travels to your place, further points elaborated here.

If you require home tuition for your Child, do not hesitate and Call/Whatsapp +65 9177 9055 now! We provide tutors for all levels (Primary Junior College), for all subjects. Alternatively, you can fill in our Tutor Request form.

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